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The Total Package
Music at its best is a stream of consciousness. TwinSpirit gives us her best and keeps her performance real with a raw edge. She sways from soulful poetic melodies to sassy streetsmart mc'ing.
As her name implies, TwinSpirit is not about conventions. In fact, she might rather you see both sides of a thing just so you can truly know where you stand.

From where I stand, there is much to sing about. The caged bird sings songs of hope and freedom. The battered sing songs of grief. But what about birds and men who fly free? Twinspirit

This is where you might find her.

Part songbird, part revolutionary, part medicine woman

a human being...just "being".

Who is TwinSpirit?

Her eclectic flavor is a tasty blend of jazz, hip-hop, and blues. Sprinkled with a dash of gospel and served up with a side of funk. It's smothered in sexiness and served piping hot. Its been coined "SULTRY SOUL" which charismatically describes TwinSpirits artistic and vocal abilities.

Since being able to walk TwinSpirits unique crowd capturing performance style and vocal ability was apparent. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas this singer/songwriter has been afforded the opportunity to showcase her unique talent at a multitude of notable venues and events all across the US.

As a member of the Female R&B Trio "Authentik Soul" from 1995-1999 TwinSpirit greatly developed her professional performance style. The group attended The Motown Talent Showcase in St. Louis, MO and The Music Buzz conference in Atlanta, GA. They also made regular appearances at Praises in the Park Annual Event, Power 92 Juneteeth Celebrations where they opened for artists such as Ray J, H-Town, Benito, Tamia, and the O'Jays.

After four artistically enriching years with "Authentik Soul" the members collectively agreed to pursue different creative endeavors. Confident with her decision to strike out in a new direction TwinSpirit soon found her niche. As the lead singer for four years with the well known band "Afrodesia".

TwinSpirit quickly acquired a significant fan base who would regularly travel to see her vibrant performances with" Afrodesia" at some of the regions hottest clubs and nightspots, Including but not limited to: Juanita's Cantina in Little Rock, AR; Dave's on Dickson & Chesters in Fayetteville, AR ; Sticky Fingers Rock Roll Chicken Shack in Little Rock, AR, Annual Arkansas Riverfest, Hi-Tone Blues City Café in Memphis, TN; and Roxies in Talehqua, OK

TwinSpirit has added further depth and precision to her arsenal with the release of her debut album.

With 8+ years of actual industry experience coupled with natural raw talent , the ability to connect with her audience on a spiritual and cellular level, beauty inside and out.....

TwinSpirit is without a doubt - The Total Package!!

House of Twin Entertainment
Introduction To The Soul
Twinspirit - Introduction To The Soul Track Listing:
1. DayDreamer
2. Best Friend
3. One For
4. If I'll Ever
5. How Would We Love
6. State of the World
7. Happy Home

8. Black Butterfly
9. Ooo...Ah
10. All I Can Do
11. The One
12. Give It To Me
13. I Can Move Mountains
14. Where Do You Go
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