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TashanA first-rate soul and R&B vocalist, Tashan has had the misfortune of being stylistically in the wrong era. His sound is too earthy and raw for the Urban Contemporary mainstream, yet not Southern and bluesy enough for the Southern market. While he is also well-versed in hip-hop and rap via his New York upbringing, his Def Jam LPs have included some blistering duets with Alyson Williams. Tashan started off in the mid-'80s by writing and producing "Yours for a Night," which was recorded by rappers Whodini. He was signed to Def Jam/Columbia in 1985 and Chasin' a Dream was released in 1986. On the Horizon followed in 1989. Neither attracted widespread commercial interest, though he is more popular in England. His third album was released in 1994.

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The Best Of: A Retrospective 1986 - 1993
Life Goez On
For the Sake of Love
On the Horizon
Chasin' A Dream