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Tasha's WorldFinally after two and a half years, touring the world and introducing herself to new friends and lovers of good music in many different countries and all over The Netherlands, Tasha’s World” took some enforced time out to write and record album number two World Domination” The delivery of this album was delayed due to the overwhelming demand for live shows. The first album was a huge success, although not achieving global dominance it was well received by the people that truly matter, the lovers of soul music at its best. The past two years saw Tasha’s World receive an Emma award, a Silver Harp, and rave reviews in some of the most respected international music magazines. TW album was voted one of the best albums of 2002 by Blues and Soul Magazine and Echoes Magazine. And respected music magazine from The Netherlands, such as The Oor and other leading periodicals.

The self entitled album Tasha’s World” was first released in Japan and eventually followed by a licensing deal in the UK. Soon after, other record company’s took serious interest in Tasha’s World which led various tracks appearing on various compilations around the globe. The album received rave reviews from some of the most respected international magazines including Blues & Soul & ECHOES magazine the album was voted one of the best albums of 2002’. Additionally, leading music magazines from the Netherlands such as The Oor said that it was ‘one of the best albums to come out of Holland ever’. For well known DJ’s and connoisseurs of good music, massive comparisons were made to some of the best loved names in music of the soul and was regarded as real, classic. As well as these fantastic achievements, the past two years also saw Tasha’s World receive a NatWest Emma Award (UK), and Silver Harp award (NL).

World Domination was recorded in London at the world famous Phoenix Sound studios in Wembley, London which has now been knocked down due to the development of Wembley Stadium and also at Future Sound Studios in the fashionable Islington area of London. This album delivers to you an amalgamation of talented musicians and producers from the UK, Combined with TW from the Netherlands which is sure to put European soul firmly back on the map and make our cousins from across the pond listen very carefully indeed. This album draws on the clever whit and mischievous nature of one of Europe’s most interesting artist, Tasha’s World tells it as it is. Whilst being thoughtful to both sexes, she delves deep into the world of relationships, which is very reminiscent of her first album.

World Domination kicks off with a song that was tried and tested at last years North Sea Jazz Tasha's Worldfestivals both in South Africa and Den Haag. Past Lives” is a story of everlasting love, which transcends time and ends up in the present day. It is a typical Tasha’s World song….if you are already familiar with her music, you will understand that comment and if you are new, you will soon come to understand.

The first single to be taken off the new album will be Glowing (Growing). This song has drawn on some of the best musicians available in the UK. You can hear the fun in the music which will make you tap your fingers if you are driving, dance if you are in a club and sing along if you are in the shower. It's a very uplifting and upbeat song that typifies the new sound of Tasha’s World where we drew on the old and the new of music. In doing this we made a wonderful blend of music that makes you feel as if you know it even though you are hearing it for the first time. The shift in sound is called Old Skool Nu Skool”. Nu Soul is dead! Long live Old Skool Nu Skool”.

Watch out for song number four on the album Home Alone”, a song that touches on the subject of the lone-female and includes in the song the immortal lyrics I practice safe sex co’s I’m always on my own”. In this song you can see the growth of TW as a writer…..just close your eyes and you can picture every word of the story.

Tasha’s World has performed at some very interesting places over the past two years, such as Sofia in Bulgaria, London’s Jazz Café, SOB’S in New York, Eritrea, Cape Town, Pretoria, Suriname, and of course all over The Netherlands. With this album World Domination” we expect TW to reach an even more wide and varied audience.

Now with her new album you find Tasha’s World happily still working with her production company The Klinik Music which gives her the freedom of self expression. The new album licensed PIAS (Play It Again Sam) who are committed to making this album a huge success in the Benelux region, Tasha’s World delivers to her valued friends (not fans but friends) another classic collection of beautifully written and beautifully composed songs, as she continues to keep real music alive and kicking.

SaveOurSoul enters Tasha's World
18 May 2003

The SaveOurSoul crew met up with Tasha's World at the B-connected festival in Amsterdam on 18 May 2003. Just before Tasha's World first performance after the announcement that Dome Records is going to release her album Tasha's World in Europe, we had the opportunity to talk to her.

Things look up for Tasha's World, besides her european record deal, she just has won well deservingly an Emma award for Best World Music. Tasha with SaveOurSoul crew member Richard

Tasha, whose real name is Natascha Slagtand, comes from a musical family. She has been surrounded by music all her life, mostly jazz and soul music. She is influenced by artists such as Billy Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Curtis Mayfield and the Temptations. Tasha started out by singing Jazz only, but very soon she expanded her reportoire by singing soul music as well.

Last year the CD Tasha's World was released in Japan, and ever since her carreer is going fantastic. It took a bit of time to find a good record company that would release the CD in Europe, but with Dome Records Tasha found the right company. Before recording this album Tasha was looking for a deal, but could not identify with the demands that record companies made. They wanted to make her something she was not comfortable with, and wanted to do her own thing. With the help of amongst others Patrick Jacobs (who is Tasha's manager, but also the executive producer of the CD), she came up with the CD Tasha's World


Tasha is often compared to Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, whom she both likes very much. However she feels that she is only compared because they share the same vocal range, and the music they make is simular, because they are from the same generation, and have the same musical inspiration. But if Tasha had become famous before Erykah people would probably compare Erykah with Tasha. The comparison does not bother Tasha at all.


The work Tasha has with her band is a fulltime job, but she does take time out to give workshops in vocal coaching to young people. This is something she wants to do, cause she wants to help them with developing their musical skills. It is a rewarding job.


The thing Tasha loves the most is to perform. She performed in other acts, but that was not her thing. It was not enough for her to sing only a few lines. She wanted to express her musical creativity and thus she started her own band Tasha's World. This coming year Tasha will perform throughout Europe a lot. She can also be seen at the North Sea Jazz festival in the Netherlands this year.

The CD Tasha's World takes you to a musical journey that you should not miss. It gives a good impression of what Tasha's World is all about.

© 2003 SaveOurSoul
World Domination
Tasha's World - World Domination Track Listing:
1. Past Lives
2. Glowing (Growing)
3. Jah Bless
4. Home Alone
5. Corny Loves Songs
6. Brown Eyes Blue

7. Move Ya Hips
8. Fed Up
9. Always Change
10. Don't Explain
11. What Must I Be
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Tasha's World
Tasha's World - Tasha's World Track Listing:
1. Tasha's World
2. So...Ho
3. Breakfast London Style
4. She's A Pimp
5. Black Panther
6. Nothing Really Matters
7. Part Of My Life

8. All That's On My Mind
9. Stalker
10. You R The Star
11. All Of Me
12. Down & Around
13. Taste Your Love
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