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Rosie GainesMulti-instrumentalist, Producer/Song writer Rosie Gaines is the youngest of 10 children. Her first band was a family funk soul group called Unity, with Rosie on organ, her brother Carl on bass, her cousin Lacy on guitar, sister-in-law Dianne on background vocals and her sister Mal on drums.

Rosie also played in a band called The Oasis and A Touch of Class, before joining The Curtis Ohlson Band (with Levi Seacer Jr. on guitar). Levi called Rosie one day and asked her to come to Minneapolis to sing a demo of a song for The Pointer Sisters. While she was doing the demo, Prince came in the studio and asked her to join his band The New Power Generation. Prince often referred to Rosie as his "...lion in my pocket and her name is Rosie G.", and his "Secret Weapon".

Rosie was introduced to the public in 1990 as the new vocalist and keyboard player on Prince's Nude tour. The first time we heard her on a Prince album, was on Graffiti Bridge. She was also a member of The NPG in the movie (by the same name) and she performed and wrote on the Diamonds And Pearls album. In 1992, after the Diamonds And Pearls tour, Rosie decided it was time for her to go solo again.

She left The NPG in 1993 but continued to work on and off with Prince thoughout the years. Then Rosie started recording her debut solo album. Unfortunately the album, set for release on Paisley Park, was hopelessly entangled in the legal battle between O(+> and Warner Bros. And it was never released.

Rosie’s debut album for Motown opens with the "I Want You". It also contains My Tender Heart (composed by Rosie Gaines, Dana Bailey, and Francis Jules, the Dredlix team.), the song she performed on The Ryde Dyvine TV-special in late 1992.

Now Rosie Gaines resumes her recording career with a new self-produced collection 'You Gave Me Freedom' on Dome Records.

You Gave Me Freedom
Rosie Gaines - You Gave Me Freedom Track Listing:
1. I Cant Get You Off My Mind
2. Wanna Be
3. New Beginning
4. Im All Woman
5. Give It To Me
6. Run To My Heart
7. In Spirit

8. Its Been A Long Time
9. What The World Needs Now
10. Honeychild
11. My Man
12. Get Into This Groove
13. So In Love With You
14. You Are My Friend
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No Sweeter Love
Rosie Gaines - No Sweeter Love Track Listing:
1. Crazy
2. Easy Come, Easy Go
3. No Sweeter Love
4. Why
5. Overnight Success

6. Beautiful
7. Trying to Get Over You
8. In a Jam
9. B-Strong
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Closer Than Close
Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close Track Listing:
1. I Want U
2. Are You Ready
3. Closer than Close
4. Googaga
5. Turn Your Lights Down Low
6. My Tender Heart
7. I Almost Lost You

8. Slowman
9. Can You Handle It
10. Concrete Jungle
11. Get the Ghetto Off Your Mind
12. December 25th
13. I Want U (purple Version)
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Dome Records, Rosie Gaines' Record Label.