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Ron AnthonyRon believes it’s time to put the live back into performances and romance back into R&B music. As one of the hottest, most talented new singer/songwriters to hit the scene, he is leading that charge, ready to take the world by storm with his energetic performances, live band, romantic lyrics and a voice that Luther Vandross anointed as the next crooner! One of the lsst things Luther told Ron was "if you believed in yourself as I believe in you, heaven would be your audience and the stars would be at your feet!"

This Brooklyn native’s roots are in the church. A natural performer, he started singing at the age of 3 in a gospel choir where he discovered the power of music and his love for live performances. Ron spent his summers with his grandparents in North Carolina where he delighted the congregation with his rousing and evocative solos. He graduated from Erasmus Hall High School of Performing Arts, the training ground for multi-talented artists Barbra Streisand and Stephanie Mills. It was here that he developed his distinctive sound and five-octave tenor. Ron then studied with the famed artistic director Harry Poe at Mindbuilders Creative Arts Center where he triple majored in acting, musical theater and dramatic arts.

In 1992, Ron won a lead role in the touring production of “Mama, I Want to Sing”, spending several years performing in the United States, Europe, Japan and Taiwan where he made a name for himself as a live performer. He also began to build a solid reputation as a background singer, working with Phoebe Snow, Chico Debarge and Amel Larrieux.

Through these shows Ron caught the attention of the one of the greatest R&B vocalists of our time. Luther Vandross saw several of Ron’s performances and recognizing his undeniable talent, signed Ron to an exclusive deal to his production company. He spent the next year singing backgrounds with Luther off and on and recording and writing his music while performing private gigs and club dates.

Ron AnthonySince then, Ron has been captivating audiences with his charismatic vocals and dynamic stage performances. Ron’s focus is reintroducing smooth lyrics and seductive melodies to today’s R&B and soul music. He signed with Notable Entertainment, the manager behind the phenomenal success of multi-platinum Grammy winner Ashanti and headed to the studio, crafting the heartfelt ballads “You and Me” and “You Are My Love Song”, the party song “Ay Oh!” and the tribute to his son "My Little Boy”.

“My music is multi-generational,” explains Ron. “I write songs that everyone can relate to – an eclectic mix of old school and the new.” He counts soul pioneers Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye among his influences, but it was the poetry of Maya Angelou that inspired him to develop his talents as a songwriter. His music explores the themes of love, respect and social responsibility.

Ron’s talents extend beyond the studio. He is a skilled actor who has appeared in the musical “Aint Misbehavin’” and shared the stage with CeCe Winans, Regina Belle, Shirley Caesar, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Stephanie Mills and Isaiah Washington.

With his powerful vocals and signature sound, Ron Anthony is poised to usher in a new era of sexy soul.

Ron Anthony - II Track Listing:
01. If Your Were My Girl
02. All Nite
03. Playa featuring Nocko
04. Baby Baby
05. Sexuality featuring Lateef the Tyrent
06. Superman
07. Get You Back
08. I Just Wanna Be the One
09. Brooklyn Step
10. You Are My Love Song
11. King/Obama Dream
Ron Anthony - RA Track Listing:
01. Ay Oh!
02. A Man She Can Call Her own
03. I Got What It Takes
04. You Are My Love Song
05. My Little Boy
06. Call Me
07. One Love
08 Really Wanna Be With You
09.. Still Hustlin
10. You and Me
11. Once Upon A Time
12. Pretty Lil Girl
13. What's Your Name
14. Whatever You Want
15. Can't Wait
It's Christmas with Ron Anthony
Ron Anthony - It's Christmas with Ron Anthony Track Listing:
01. It's Christmas
02. Christmas Wish
03. Someday at Christmas
04. Grown and Sexy Twelve Days of Christmas
05. I Wish I Could Be There
06. Love on Christmas
07. Joy and Love
08. On This Night
09. What Are You Doing New Years Eve

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