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Jus The Music

JusA natural entertainer, North Philadelphia bred singer/songwriter/musician, Jus comes from a long line of musical appreciation leading him to pursue his training at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. It was here that he honed his skills on the guitar. Having a grandmother who tours as an opera singer, uncles who are working jazz musicians, helped to foster his early love for classical, jazz and soul music. Jus was raised by his parents along with his older brother in a row-home in an African American neighborhood ironically named Nicetown. Suddenly uprooted by his fathers' new job in Aurora Colorado, the family moved to a racially intolerant neighborhood where for the first time he and his brother were the only African American kids on the block. Jus spend the rest of his years in Colorado trying to get back to roots in Philadelphia. Living in Colorado gave him a new perspective on life. Philadelphia had given him the strength to survive where the simplicity of Colorado forced him out of his comfort zone.

This ambitious musician, came to Los Angeles in 2002 after earning his Bachelors of Arts from Temple University in Speech Communication. It was at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Philadelphia where he quickly became disillusioned about his job as a social worker and began taking his love for music seriously. Realizing that his voice and energy would better serve the people he was aiming to help musically, he dropped everything and moved to Los Angeles to make it happen. Jus, hit the ground running, performing at open mic nights at The Highland Grounds, Molly's Irish Pub, The Futures Café, and wherever else he could get onstage and be heard.

As word spread, Justin was introduced to Vikter Diplaix who introduced him to the Axis Music Group. Axis Music Group consists of Chauncey Childs, Vikter Duplaix, and James Poyser. Justin spent that summer recording with them at The Studio in Philadelphia. After the sunset, Jus hit those Philly streets performing at South Street Blues, and trying to get on at The Five Spot (Home of Philadelphia's own Black Lilly). Forever True, the track produced by Vikter Duplaix aired on the radio for the first time on a show called Inner City on Power 99FM in Philadelphia December 2004.

JusUpon returning to L.A. Jus resumed showcasing his sound, performing an impromptu set for producer Johnny Jay at Atlantic Studios. Jus met Gregory "G-Mac" Dalton, an accomplished guitarist/producer/engineer who took a liking to this young guitar player offering Jus an opportunity to open up for his infamous band The Polyester Players at Platinum Live. Soon after, G-Mac and Jus began recording together, thus bringing Justin's acoustic set to life. G-Mac has since become and integral part of Jus's sound lending his musical and technical talents to Hop on Board, Vision In Black, Hey, That Place, Star, Nicetown, Soul Brotha #1, and Searching.

Taking his show on the road, Jus has already performed with Bliss Life (Amel and husband Laru Larrieux's entertainment company) at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica at their venue Bliss Live! His weekly performances venues include Aura's on Tuesdays and Cabrini's Coffee Shop on selected weekends. Often described as the modern day Bill Withers because of the accessibility of his subject matter, Jus is still recording and working his sound. The profound honesty and sensitivity found in his timeless music is what draws listeners to him. His understated, rootsy style plays as a perfect contrast to what popular music is giving. Wendy Goldstein (Sr. A&R at Capitol Records) found his music insightful drawing comparisons to John Legend, and Musiq remarking that what makes Jus special is his ability to say what so many people feel. Combining soulful warmth, a genuine and folksy feel with his smooth melodic voice, Jus has sung his way into the hearts of everyone whose be lucky enough to listen. His ability to say what so many feel is uncanny. Jus hopes to always be able to take his audiences on a musical journey of the human experiences.

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Hop On Board

Jus The Music
Jus - Jus The Music Track Listing:
1. Hop On Board
2. That Place
3. Soul Brotha #1
4. Hey
5. Forever True

6. Vision In Black
7. Nicetown (Snippet)
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