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Artist of the month September 2001 Jimmy Cozier


a name you'll want to remember, a voice you'll never forget

24 year old, Jimmy Cozier, grew up in a musical household. His father is an accomplished saxophone player who exposed Jimmy to the pantheon of jazz greats while his Jamaican-born mother shared her love of reggae and dancehall music by playing recordings of Bob Marley (Jimmy Cozier was born on February 6th, Bob Marley's birthday)

When growing up Jimmy would get embarrased when his parents put him on the spot to sing for friends and family. The experience led him to pursue a career as a songwriter/ and background vocalist instead of performing in the spotlight for the masses. He began to write songs for new artists, stepped up to Mya, Sinead O'Connor and eventually co-wrote Janet Jackson's "Girlfriend" in 1999.

Jimmy's greatest musical influences, besides his father are Cassandra Wilson, Steven Coleman, Donny Hathaway and Luther Vandross.

Jimmy embarked upon his musical career as background singer, all the while learning, growing and preparing himself for the day he'd have his chance to shine as a solo artist. His voice was
first heard on the Junior M.A.F.I.A single, "Backstabber." In 1998, he was a member of Joe's "All That I Am" Tour. He's also toured with Boys II Men as well as Gladys Knight. The time spent on the road allowed Jimmy to hone his writing skills and perfect his vocal style which is, at turns, deep and sonorous, sensual and urgent.

His managers at NY based Upgrade Entertainment had big plans for him and slipped a tape of Jimmy Cozier's work to Wyclef Jean. Wyclef saw the talent in the Flatbush, Brooklyn-born Cozier and arranged a meeting with Clive Davis.

Jimmy co-wrote 10 of the 12 tracks, three of them with Wyclef Jean, on his freshman self-titled album

Jimmy Cozier
Jimmy Cozier - Jimmy Cozier Track Listing:
1. 10 Love Commandments
2. So Much to Lose
3. She's All I Got
4. No More Playing Games
5. Heartfelt Letter
6. What the Deal
7. Two Steps

8. Cheated
9. Time Stands
10. Gave You Love
11. Mr. Man
12. Stay Strong
13. She's All I Got
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Q&A: Cozier offers lessons on love

Gene Geter - July 24 2001

Jimmy Cozier is not just a singer, but an excellent songwriter who has penned gems for Janet Jackson, Blackstreet, Mya, Hootie and The Blowfish, and Sinead O'Connor. Tell me about your new album, Cozier.
Jimmy: My album in my eyes is a relationship guidebook. It touches on love, hate, sex, the pettiest things to the biggest things. Musically, it's a fusion of Caribbean and R&B. It's just a hot new sound. You know what I mean?

BV: I understand the song "So Much To Lose" is your favorite. Tell me why.
Jimmy: I love the record because it has such a cool message. It's talking about a dude that tells his girl he'll be right back. He hangs out with his boys at a club and totally loses track of the time. He’s supposed to be home and from the moment he walks out of the club until the time he gets home, that is what this song is describing. It's hot!

BV: Tell me about the song you recorded with label mate Alicia Keys, "Mr. Man."
Jimmy: We were hanging out in the studio and came up with this are in the club and you see a beautiful girl. The girl sees the guy, she's attracted, but the girl is with someone. So the guy basically wants to know if the girl is going to deal with him or not. It's sexy and exciting.

BV: You have penned songs for many artists. Which one or ones were the most popular?
Jimmy: I think to date would be "The Best Of Me" for Mya.

BV: I read somewhere that you think you have a crush on Mya?
Jimmy: She's a very beautiful and sexy young lady. That's all it is. That's all I'm going to say.

BV: All right. That's all you're going to say?
Jimmy: I'll tell Mya the rest. [Laughs]

BV: Who would you love to write a song for?
Jimmy: Sting. I love him. He's got the reggae vibes. My mother is from Jamaica and my father is from Ghana. I've been heavily influenced with Caribbean music. Yeah, let Sting know.

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"She's All I Got"

I wanna Tell yall about my old lady
sometimes I think she's really crazy
she blacks out at the drop of a dime
but she's still my baby
she likes to get into confrentations with me testing my patients to see how far she can go before
I loose my head
Chorus: Sometimes I love her Somtimes I love her not I aint letting her go cause she's all I got
although she nags me and complains alot I aint letting her go
no, no ,no

The Next minute she could be sweet as ever minute from ear to ear thats why were together what
could make her change so fast" It's very confusing
Many times I felt like up and leaving oh girl but Im way to deep in love with her as crazy as she
is I want her to have my kids


[Verse 3]
With her I have grown
With her home is home
I would never turn my back
on my baby I can't do that

[Chorus 3x]