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A lot of people asked us if and when we were going to do a Motown special in SaveOurSoul. Now that would have been an obvious choice and possibly in the future that will happen. We chose to do the first SaveOurSoul special with music from the UK's No.1 soul label Expansion Records.

For over a decade, Ralph Tee and Richard Searlings label, Expansion Records has stood for only the highest quality singers, songwriters, musicians and producers in the world of soul and smooth jazz. They represent many of the most talented and accomplished artists in this field - both with classic re-issues and brand new music unique to their label.

To contact Expansion Records directly:

Expansion Records
81 Crabtree Lane
London SW6 6LW
United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)20 7381 8315

Below you can find info about the artists being featured in the SaveOurSoul Expansion special. Note that this is only a small collection of the music available on Expansion Records. For more information and to buy the CD's go to the website of Expansion Records
Kloud 9
Sandra St. Victor
Ali "Ollie" Woodson
Peggi Blu
General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board
Howard Hewett