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Don-E with crew member Theo during the SaveOurSoul interview“Natural” seems the perfect title for the new album from one of the UK’s most gifted and enduring urban music talents DON-E, for whom writing, producing and performing comes naturally. DJs are already rushing to spin key tracks like ‘Addictive Love’ and ‘Stay A While’.

There are some stand-out duets, including ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ with Keisha Buchanan of the Sugababes, for whom Don wrote songs back in the day, and ‘Like I Like It’ with Kele Le Roc. The album closes with a stunning ballad duet on ‘The Time Is Now’ with ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena.

He recalls: “I was involved with the Sugababes from the very beginning of the group, and produced a lot of their initial demos at my studio in Brixton, working with Ron-Tom from Metamorphosis, who put the three girls together. It’s great, now they’re all grown up and successful, that I got to work with Keisha and Mutya on my new project.”

‘So Cold’ features Don-e on vocals and keys, Stuart Zender, ex- Jamiroquai, on guitar and drums, and a guest cameo on Fender Rhodes keyboard from D’Angelo.

Don-EDon-e recalls:“Stuart and I hooked up as Azure in the late Nineties, recorded some tracks at Electric Ladyland in New York, then did some more in London at Eastcote Studios. “So Cold” was one of the tracks from those sessions. D’Angelo was in town, passed by the studio to chill, heard the track and said he’d jump on it.

“Copies of this track leaked out years later, bootlegs or whatever, and everyone thought it was a D’Angelo track, so I felt it was time to put the record straight by including it on the new album”.

Also generating a lot of excitement is the slow-jam version of the Bob Marley classic ‘Waiting In Vain’. TV talent shows get the Don-e treatment on ‘(You Ain’t No Good) Get Off’, which tells it like it is.

Don-e is a perfect product of his environment rooted in the heart of Brixton, the busy multicultural London suburb where he has built his own studio and has absorbed the diversity and wealth of musical influences of the street.

In recent years he has been focusing primarily on writing and producing for other artists, among them Shaun Escoffery, Mica Paris, Beverley Knight, Lynden David Hall, Omar, Grace Jones, Avani and Rahsaan Patterson.

Don-e has toured in the US guesting with Omar, and has also played a number of live dates with Grace Jones. As a headliner he has enjoyed getting in front of club audiences.


Following his father’s gift of a home made guitar on his fifth birthday, Don-e became hooked at an early age. Several years - and instruments -later he stepped out of school straight into the UK music scene. He was influenced by his parents’ collection of gospel and classic soul legends Aretha, Marvin, Stevie, Sly, Curtis and Donny Hathaway. He also listened to Parliament, Funkadelic, Earth, Wind & Fire but he soon found there were other influences available in the music of Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and Sugar Minott. All around him were the sounds of Reggae, Dub, Lover’s Rock, Jazz, Funk, Pop and then later Ragga, Jungle and Garage. He embraced all this and more, combining melodies, sounds and rhythms to create a style that would be identified as his own.

He signed to Island Records and released a remarkable debut album ‘Unbreakable’. Not only was he responsible for every song and arrangement, but virtually every instrument on the album was played by him. The album also featured the Top 20 hit ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’ and the now classic underground club and sound system smash ‘Unbreakable’

Having travelled and performed extensively internationally his unique “Ragga Funk” sound has caught the ear of not only emerging UK artists such as Shaun Escoffrey but also artists like D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill and Mos Def.

So here we are, back with a brand new album that is long overdue. For Don-e he is just “finishing the journey he has started”.

The wait has definitely been worthwhile. Don-e absorbs many influences that are refreshingly reflected in his maturity as a singer/songwriter on this new project.

Don-E - Natural Track Listing:
01. Addictive Luv
02. Love Shine In
03. Kool
04. Stay A While
05. Writing's On The Wall featuring Keisha Buchanan
06. Waiting In Vain
07. You And I
08. Get Off
09. E-Scape
10. Drive
11. Like I Like It featuring Kele Le Roc
12. So Cold featuring Azure & D'Angelo
13. Holla At Me
14. Natural
15. Time Is Now featuring Mutya Buena
Try This
Don-E - Try This Track Listing:
01. Sickest Style
02. Walk In My Shoes
03. Bus Stop
04. No Reason featuring Omar
05. Keep On Luvin' U
06. Slow featuring Lornette Ford
07. I Do
08. All We Need featuring Grim
09. Rising
10. One More Time
11. Let Me Be Yours
12. Hott Honey
13. How I Feel
14. See What I See
15. Lonely
16. Try This
Changing Seasons
Don-E - Changing Seasons Track Listing:
01. Introlude
02. Circles
03. Rhythm Of Life
04. Simple
05. Phat Beats
06. Don't She
07. Fakin' The Funk
08. Stop
09. Changin' Seasons
10. DOG
11. Good Things
12. Patricia Boom
13. Cirlces
14. All In My Mind
15. Get High On Me
16. Pop
17. History
18. Outrolude
Don-E - Unbreakable Track Listing:
01. Intro
02. Welcome To My World
03. Oh My Gosh
04. Love Makes The World Go Round
05. Unbreakable
06. Someday Somehow
07. Interlude
08. Undercover Lover
09. Stop What You're Doing
10. Me Oh My
11. Emancipate Our Love
12. Peace In The World
13. Never Ever
14. So Fine
15. U Don't Have 2 Cry

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Don-E - Natural