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Ali "Ollie" Woodson | Features



Ali Ali "Ollie" Woodson was born in Detroit on the 9th of December 1951

In 1984 , Ali-Ollie Woodson appeared to the front stage of the music scene with the album "Truly For You" by The Temptations. The first cut single "Treat Her Like A Lady" was written by him and it became a big hit (#2 on Billboard R&B chart) and he completely took over the place of Dennis Edwards as the lead singer of The Temptations.

Before Ali joined The Temptations, he played drums with Frederick Knight. He also performed as a singer and multi musician for The Drifters and replaced Teddy Pendergrass as the lead singer of The Blue Notes.

Woodson joined the group in 1983 and his first recording with them was "Stop The World Right Here" on the "Back To Basics" LP recorded in the same year.

In 1985 The Temptations released the album "Touch Me" which includes 4 songs written by Ali. A year later, the album "To Be Continued" was released. Ali left The Temptations as Dennis Edwards came back to replace him and disappeared from the music scene.

He joined the group again in September(1988) when Dennis Edwards definitely signed off. Ali is the lead singer on the albums: "Special" (1989), "Milestone" (1991), "Emperors of Soul" (1994 : anthology album), and"For Lovers Only" (1995).