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2008 | Reviews


Exist - The Tony Rich Project Title: Exist
Artist: The Tony Rich Project
Label: Hidden Beach
Year: 2008

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Tony Rich is still in the music business, his fifth album has been released and it is entitled "Exist". You will find eleven tracks on this album from The Tony Rich Project. The cover of the Cd-booklet indicates that the woman is the central figure in the songs.

Is the woman really the central figure? It is up to you to find it out. A pleasant way to find things out is by means of the lyrics that are included in the booklet. The texts are very good to read unlike in many other CD-booklets where people don't pay enough attention to the design.

The music from Tony Rich is not to be captured in one word. It is soulful that is a fact. But you will also hear rock music like in the song "I Already Know". You will also recognise the troubadour and the singer-songwriter in the songs on "Exist". Sometimes Tony Rich sounds like the singers from LA, California in the senventies. Maybe he was a fan.

Through a romantic and poetic start of the album with songs like "Part The Waves"and "Jordan" we come to the physical and mental pleasures that a woman can give to a man in songs like "Sugar Hill" and "Sweet Sensation". That life is not all milk and honey we will find out half way the album when anger and disappointment turn up in tracks like "I Wanna Be" and "Oh baby". At the end of the album the sun shines again in "I Already Know" and you really feel things will work out very good in "With You Through It". You get the feeling that "Exist" describes the cycle of love. It might even be about the cycle of life. Because to be able to love you have to live.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Part The Waves, Jordan, Sugar Hill, Sweet Addiction, I Wanna Be, Oh Baby, I Already Know
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Kindred the Family Soul - The Arrival Title: The Arrival
Artist: Kindred the Family Soul
Label: Hidden Beach
Year: 2008

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The 2008 album from Kindred The Family Soul has arrived and it is entitled "The Arrival". The album contains fourteen tracks including a "Poetry Interlude" from Malik Yusef . It is an excellent album from the married couple Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon from Philadelphia. From the first notes you hear you can tell that it might be a candidate for a Grammy nomination.

"The Arrival" is an album about deep and pure love and all the pain and struggle and passion and emotions that goes along with it. It's all about human life. There is no other couple at this moment on the scene in their genre that can translate these feelings better into music than Kindred The Family Soul. With seemingly great ease and very natural they sing the most beautiful and soulful melodious love songs.

In "Can't Help" they question why they keep doing what they are doing and that is singing. They know the answer and so do you. If you wonder how to handle "Pressure" listen to the song with the same title and you won't need your psychologist any more. It is wonderful to hear how Kindred The family Soul builds up a song like "Just The Way You Are".

A jewel on "The Arrival" is the track "House Of Love" where you will find the past, the present and the future of this soulful family. You will like this song because it feels that it is your house they are singing about. Besides the ballads you have strong uptempo songs on the album too like the cry for freedom entitled "Set Free" and "Love We Share". If you want to achieve something dont let your head hang down, that's the beautiful message of "The Struggle". A real celebration of love we find in "The Love We Share" and in "No Limit". In the song "Hey" you will think of the Bobby Womack song "Home is Where The Heart Is" and in "No Limit" you'll Marvin Gaye. The last track is a surprise with poetry from Malik Yusef on drum n'bass tones but it fits perfectly on this beautiful soulful album.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Can't Help It, Pressure, Just The Way You Are,Rightfully So, Set Free,The Struggle, Love We Share, No Limit, Hey, So Much Better
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Kloud 9 - Enjoy The Ride Title: Enjoy The Ride
Artist: Kloud 9
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2008

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Kloud9 invites you to sit back and "Enjoy The Ride" which is the title of their new album. It will take thirteen tracks to finish this ride that is offered to you by the twins Kendall and Kelvis Duffie. It will not be a bumpy ride, but in general a smooth one with a variable speed.

First and foremost you have to compliment Kloud9 on their beautiful singing. The guys have very beautiful voices. The music too is wonderful whether it is the flute you hear in the title track or the horn section in "Grateful" or the harmonica à la Stevie Wonder in "Never Give It Up".

The opening song "Everything That I Need" will make you feel good right from the start. The spanish giutar in this song will give you a happy feeling. The song "Never Give It Up" is inspired by Stevie Wonder and of course Kloud9 could not omit a harmonica on this track. In "Grateful" the funk comes in and you can get out of your seat to go to the dancefloor. You can stay right on the dancefloor because after shaking it down on "Grateful" you can "Step". A nice uptempo kind of acid jazz song is "Love's Just Better With You". A big favourite of you will surely be the duet with Tamara Jones entitled "Can't Hold This Love". That is definitely soul! More beautiful things are yet to come because "I'm Calling You" is steamy track and a sensuous call for love. It might remind you a bit of the sensuousness in some of the Isley Brothers songs. After all these sweet songs you are really ready to "Enjoy The Ride".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Everything That I Need, Never Give Up, Grateful, Step, Can't Hold This Love, I'm Calling, Enjoy The Ride
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists - Soul Togetherness 2008 Title: Soul Togetherness 2008
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2008

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You will find fifteen modern soul room gems on "Soul Togetherness 2008". The soul togetherness albums give you an impression of music that is popular on the soul togetherness events and luxury soul weekenders that are organised in the United Kingdom. It is a part of the soul scene over there.

On "Soul Togetherness 2008" you will hear music from Australia, Germany, The Uk, France, Canada and of course from the USA. It is nice to hear music from different places of the globe. Another nice thing is that besides the tracks from 2008 you will also find a track from the sixties, eigthies and nineties and two tracks from the seventies.

The album starts with a very pleasant track called "let The Love" from Bennson. Bennson is an Autralian artist, not to be confused with George Benson who also has a track on this album called "When Love Comes Calling" produced by Bluey from Incognito. "Put A Lyric In It" is another sweet dance track with an eighties feel and if you listen carfully you will hear a sample of an eigthies song in it. James Walsh is keeping it very soulful in "Cutz It's You Girl", while Jean Wells is doing the same thing in the 1968 song "What Have I got To Lose".

One of the sweetest songs is "My People" from the great Teddy Pendergrass. At the end of the song he plays a bit with "Wake Up Everybody" which he sang with Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes in the good old days. Nice new voices to hear are those from Sophia Nelson "Woman in Love" and Sherree Brown with "Adore U". A voice that might remind you a bit of Denice Williams is that from Gina Foster. At the beginning of her song "B-Side Of Love" you will notice a resemblance with "Mornin'" from Al Jarreau. New comer Cool Million is very catchy in "Give Me My Love".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Let The Love, Put A Lyric In It, Woman In Love, Caught Up In A Whirlwind, Cuz It's You Girl, What Have I Got To Lose, Adore U, My People, B-Side Of Love, Give Me My Love
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists - Yes We Can: Voices of a Grassroots Movement Title: Yes We Can:Voices Of A Grassroots Movement
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Hidden Beach
Year: 2008

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A wonderful collection of the beauty and the diversity of American music you will find on "Yes We Can:Voices Of A Grassroots Movement". The nineteen tracks on this album are a document of a historic change in the history of the United States Of America. On the fourth of november 2008 the American people choose Barack Obama as their president. A black president for the first time in American history.

Barack Obama became president with the support from the grassroots movement of America. Obama spoke of Change during his campaign and convinced many people that they can bring the change with the frase "Yes We Can". The album "Yes We Can:Voices Of A Grassroots Movement" is a musical resonance of the change.

The artist you will find on voices of a grassroots movement are:Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, Dave Stewart, Shontelle, Los Lonely Boys, John Legend, BeBe Winans, Suai, Jill Scott, Ozomatli, Jackson Brwone, Sheryl Crow, Malik Yusef with Kanye West and Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Yolanda Adams, Keb'Mo', Ken Stacey and Buddy Miller. A fine selection of musicians each with their own style.

Blues music from the cotton fields meets with hip hop. Country and western music meets with rock and roll. You will also hear gospel, r&b, latin, and of course sweet soul music. The songs inspire the world to unite. They speak about love and hope. On several songs you will hear fragments of Obama speeches and on the song from BeBe Winans you will fragments from the famous Dr.Martin Luther King speech in Washington DC. It is so great to hear John Legend sing the U2 song "Pride In The Name Of Love". The influence from the Curtis Mayfield song "People Get Ready" you will find in John Mayer's contribution entitled "Waiting On The World To Change". You will be glad to hear the fresh and new voice from Suai in "Am I All Alone" who is signed by motown. Sheryl Crow will make you feel happy in "Out Of Our Heads", while Ken Stacey is making Americans feel proud in the moving ballad "America".The Black history of America is fabulously covered by BeBe Winans in "I Have A Dream". Keb'Mo' demonstrates the power of the blues in "America The Beautiful". The album "Yes We Can:Voices Of A Grassroots Movement" is music for people who care about people.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Eternity, Waiting On The World To Change, American Prayer, Pride In The Name Of Love, I Have A Dream, Am I All Alone, One Is The Magic #, Out Of Our Heads, Hold On, America The Beautiful, America, Wide River To Cross
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Maysa - Metamorphosis Title: Metamorphosis
Artist: Maysa
Label: Shanachie / Expansion records
Year: 2008

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The seventh album from Maysa Leak is entitled "Metamorphosis". The album contains twelve tracks. Maysa Leak is a songstress from Baltimore, Maryland. She has performed many times with the British band Incognito so some folks might have thought that she is British.

The first thing you will notice about Maysa Leak is her special voice. Sometimes it sounds like a male voice, very deep. Her voice is dark, smooth, very romantic and a pleasure to listen to. Once you have heard that voice you will never forget it.

The overall feeling of the album "Metamorphosis" is a soulful jazzy one. You will even get the Brazilian jazz feeling when you hear the funky song "Simpatico". More of the good Brazilian feeling you will find in "Higher love". A very special effect is to be found in the song "Let's figure it out" that plays on as an instrumental for about three minutes and than suddenly changes into a real dance track -uptempo- with vocals from Maysa.

The greatest love song on "Metamorphosis" might be "Love so true". It has everything you look for in a love song starting with the lovely guitar sound, sweet bass, keys and ofcourse it is a ballad. On the album Maysa Leak has special guests like flautist Najeed. Other contributions are from Lorenzo Johnson and Ledisi who wrote "Walk Away" and Angela Johnson who arranged the swinging track "Happy feelings". A very soulful track is "Take Me Away", which is really for the lovers who immediately want to fulfil their dreams. The theme of "Metamorphosis" is love and as you know love is all we need.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Simpatico, Higher Love, Take Me Away, Grateful, Happy Feelings, Love So True
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Stephanie McKay - Tell It Like It Is Title: Tell It Like It Is
Artist: Stephanie McKay
Label: MOI
Year: 2008

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The name of Stephanie McKay has been circulating a long time in the music business and now her new album is out. It is called "Tell it like it is". The album contains twelve tracks and "Tell it like it is" is not a another cover of the famous song you might happen to know. It is original just like the other tracks on the album.

In general we say don't judge a book by it's cover, however when you open the CD booklet and see the pictures of Stephanie McKay you will think of the young Angela Davies. Angela Davies is a political activist and university professor associated with the civil rights movement.

When you listen to the title track "Tell it like it is" and "Money" you will find out that Stephanie Mckay is critical about the society and that she is socially engaged. Stephanie observes what is going on in society and what are the things that really matters. In well chosen words and music she packs her message .You will notice that freedom is important to her in a song like "Oh Yeah". In the track "Fiya" you will learn all about perseverance.

About the consequences of war on peoples live Stephanie Mckay explains more to you in "This Letter". The music of Stephanie McKay is soulful and funky with hiphop beats and influenecs of rock music. We certainly know the Stephanie has been a fan of Kool Moe Dee and KRSone, at least she grew up listening to them on Jackson Avenue. The funk we find in songs like "Kinky"and "Say What you feel". Some musical similarities with Adriana Evans, another great singer, we find in tracks like "Little more time" and "Sure feels good". Crooner Anthony Hamilton does a splendid job in the duet "Where did our love go".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Tell It Like It Is, Money, Jackson Avenue, This Letter, Oh Yeah, Kinky, Where Did Our Love Go, Fiya, Oxygen
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Cool Million - Going Out Tonight Title: Going Out Tonight
Artist: Cool Million
Label: Expansion records
Year: 2008

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Producers Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle are the founders of Cool Million. It is a German-Danish project and their debut album is entitled "Goin Out Tonight". The album contains fifteen songs by twelve different artists who were allowed to give their own input to the project.

The album creates the sphere of the dance and funky disco music from the eighties. Music like "Dancing at the disco" from LAX and "Make Up you mind" from High Fashion comes to your memory when listening to the sounds of "Goin Out Tonight". Even a song like "Say I'm your number one" from Princess (Stock, Aitken & Waterman) flashes through your mind.

You will hear male and female artists on "Goin Out Tonight". The title song is catchy and the singer is Nathalie Dorra. Lene Riebau is a "Naughty Girl" and she will try to seduce you with her special voice inspired by Esther Phillips-Macy Gray. It is very pleasant to hear C.J. Anthony sing "Give me my love". A nice surprise it is to find a track from Jahah a.k.a mamasonlyson on the album. He is a soulbrother who loves what he sings about and that is "Musiq". Another familiar name is that from Donald McCollum. A sister that might catch your attention is Laura Jackson with "Leave Me". Cool Million is exposing the talent and it is up to you to decide with which artist you are going out tonight.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Going Out Tonight, Give Me My Love, Musiq, Pulling Me Back, Leave Me, Naughty Girl
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists - Soul Unsigned Volume 1 Title: Soul Unsigned Vol. 1
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Soul Unsigned Records
Year: 2008

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On the album "Soul Unsigned Volume 1" you will find forteen tracks from independent artists. These artists come from all over the world. Pianist Kan Sano is from Japan, Majahba is from Poland and Yohimbe is from San Francisco. The one thing they have in common is that they are unsigned and that they make soul music.

The album begins with the track "She" from Kre8tiV4ce that sets the tone for the tracks to follow, it's all about the love for music. Music in different styles. The Canadian guys from Moses Mayes have a little Billy Preston on keys and a touch of Dennis Coffey on guitar in the song "Intrafusion". You will feel really lazy and relaxed when listening to the sound of Harambé. Check it out and escape the daily hustle for some minutes.

The song "Sisco" comes from the band Dreemtime based in New York. You will like to dance to this one in the disco. It's a nice uptempo song remixed by Gentlemen Players from Sweden. With the Black Style Mood it is time for romance in "Closer". Close your eyes and dream away on the sweet voice of their lead singer. One of your favourite tracks will definitely be "Gently" from Groove's Back Productions featuring AmariM with a his fascinating voice which might remember you of KEM. If you like KEM you will surely love AmariM as well. Strut your funky stuff on "Shed Some Light" from Maintain it has the rhythm, it has the beat, everyting you need to enjoy.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: She, Intrafusion, Lazy, Sisco, Closer, Gently, Shed Some Light, Inner Sun
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Don-E - Natural Title: Natural
Artist: Don-E
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2008

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Don-E has a new addictive album out entitled "Natural". It is addictive because you will like to play the fifteen tracks on this album over and over again. The variety in melodies embedded in a fresh and unique sound are strong features that will make u love "Natural".

The first track "Addictive Luv" will surely fill up the dance floors while "Love Shine In" will fill your heart with peace.It is that kind of song that you will like to sing together with all the people in this world. The music from Don-E is soulful and groovy with elements of hiphop, although "Holla At Me" is lovers rock at it's best. Very special is Don-E's R&B rendition of the wonderful Bob Marley song "Waiting In Vain".

Something in the song "Kool" gives you the sweet sensation that some of you might know from "The Husle" by van McCoy. A delicious song that will definitely become one of your favourites is "Stay A While" with it's seductive beats and lyrics. But you will notice that there is so much more to enjoy on "Natural" when you listen to "You And I".

We also know that Don-E is very strong in singing duets and he demonstrates it once again in "Like I Like It" with Kele Le Roc, "Writing's On The Wall" featuring Keisha Buchanan from the Sugababes and "Time Is Now" with Mutya Buena. "So Cold" featuring Azure and D'Angelo is an early neo-soul track from Don-E that you might consider as a bonus. Just like on his other projects Don-E did it "Natural" by playing all the instruments on his new album. When you hear the title song you want to shake your body down to the ground.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Addictive Luv, Love Shine In, Kool, Stay A While, You And I,Like I Like It, Drive, Holla At Me, Time Is Now
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Impromp2 - It Is What It Is Title: It Is What It Is
Artist: Impromp2
Label: JCS
Year: 2007

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It is soul music what you will hear on "It Is What It Is" the 2007 album from Impromp2. The album contains twelve tracks. Impromp2 consists of John Britt a.k.a John B. and Sean Thomas a.k.a Sean E.Mac. The name of the group might be deceiving because all the tracks have been made with much consideration.

Both members sing, but Sean E.Mac is more a rapper and John B. is the singer and the trumpeter. The first track is the title track where you will find out that making good music is more important for the duo than to categorize their music. Their music is a smooth mix of hiphop, jazz and r&b.

The love for the woman is an important issue of "It Is What It Is". A woman is not a bitch or a ho but a queen, that is what you will hear in the song "You're A Queen". More love for the female can be discovered in "Good Thang". "Luv 2 Ball", which you might know from Marvin Gaye and "Keep Doin'" are sensuous songs. They can be considered as the most soulful songs on the album. George Duke, Freddie Washington and Clifford Adams are guest musicians on the slow jam "Keep Doin'".

These three muscians together with Boney James are contributing as well on the most swinging track called "Mojazz", an ode to the late saxophonist Jeffrey Spencer McCormick. A track with a steppers groove is "Dance With U" which is indeed very inviting to dance to. It is nice to find out that the personnel on this track include Ray Parker Jr. on guitars.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Luv2Ball, Good Thang, I Wanna Know, Keep Doin', Mojazz, You're A Queen, Dance With U
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Preston Glass - Music As Medicine Title: Music As Medicine
Artist: Preston Glass
Label: Expansion
Year: 2008

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At a lot of ceremonies, secular and religious a like, music is used as an essential part of the environment to create a feeling or a mood. We know from the African continent that healing ceremonies go along with the magic of music, singing and dancing. So it is not strange that producer/singer/songwriter Preston Glass called his newest album "Music As Medicine".

The album contains sixteen tracks, by different artists. Artists from the past such as Maurice White and Ali Woodson, but also artists from the present as LaToya London. She is the one to open the album with the beautiful and heartfelt song "Love Will Get Us Through The Times". Even if you have a heart of stone this song will wake up your interest. Music As Medicine brings back the days of the powerful soul music from the the late sixties up to the early eights in all is genres. It is funky and gives you "Somethin'You Can Bounce To", it is groovy go get your "Groove Injection" and you will not miss your sweet soulful ballads like in "Ready To Mend The Breaks" and "Without The Music" where you can dance by candlelight.

It is not all down memory lane because you will also find a sweet steppers song on "Music As Medicine" called "Everybody Let's Dance". Where the phone sometimes played a part in love songs from the past it is now replaced by the "Blackberry" which Ali Woodson finds very disturbing. He tells us all about it in "Blackberry" with a nod to Stevie Wonder's "If You Want Me To Stay" and Rod Stewart's "Do You Think I'm Sexy".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Will Get Us Through The Times, Blackberry, Save The Stress For Last, Ready To Mend The Breaks, Everybody Let's Dance, In Small Doses, Something You Can Bounce To, Without The Music, Music As Medicine
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Maria Howell - Soul Title: Soul
Artist: Maria Howell
Year: 2008

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Maria Howell has a new album out entitled "Soul". This album that is only available through digital download contains nine tracks.These tracks has been written and produced by Bill Bradford.The songs are romantic and soulful compositions which give Maria Howell the opportunity to sing like a bird. Yes she sings!

The opening track "Edge Of Destruction" reminds us that singing is a way of communication.The rhythm and the lyrics on this track are focusing, whether you like it or not, our attention on the way we go on with the scarce resources we have. But this track doesn't set the tone for the album it is more a message. The real thing begins when Maria Howell starts to sing "Let You Go". She has her own style but she might remind you of Elisabeth Withers a great singer as well.

The orchestral sounds on tracks like "Last Flight Out" and "Solve Your Mystery" together with the beautiful backing vocals are making it a pleasure to listen to these songs.Especially in "Solve Your Mystery" you think of the orchestration you sometimes hear in some of the great songs from the glory days of the motown record label. Remarkable on the songs is the space Maria Howell gets to let her voice blossom. You will love the piano in the lovely ballad "Where Do Our Dreams Go".

The funk on this album you will find in "Pick'n Go" and in "Optical Illusion". A nice feature in "Misconstrue" is the combination of a Michael Jackson and a "like a virgin-feel".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Pick 'n Go, Last Flight Out, Where Do Our Dreams Go, Solve your Mystery , Somethin'You Got
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Giovanca - Subway Silence Title: Subway Silence
Artist: Giovanca
Label: DOX records
Year: 2008

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Giovanca is the name of this songstress who called her debut album "Subway Silence". On the twelve tracks on this album you will discover a pleasant musical diversity. Giovanca comes from the Netherlands which is the birthplace of groups like The Golden Earring, Flairck and Shocking Blue well-known from their hit "Venus".

It is not easy to describe a voice but Giovanca sounds a bit like the young Dionne Warwick. Giovanca has written or co-written the songs and she worked together with producer Benny Sings. Her music is kind of smooth with ingredients taken from hip hop, jazz, and soul. On the song "Free" you even hear some big band swing influences.

A sound that might draw your attention on some songs on "Subway Silence" is that of the flute. The birds tweeting because of the dawn of springtime in "You Again" will remind you of Minnie Ripperton's "Loving You". Giovanca also knows how to make you move on the dancefloor and she will convince you that "You Can Do It". Another song you'll surely dance to is "Free". One of the sweet ballads on "Subway Silence" is "Pure Bliss" with a kind of lazy sunday love melody on which you like to surrender completely. "How come it is so dark in here but still i know the way" the inventive opening line of the song called "Moving Me" is a sentence that will probably stay on your mind for a long time. It captures a feeling that we all know but Giovanca seems to be the only one to speak it out. Yes she breaks the silence!(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Joyride, Hypnotize You, Pure Bliss, Moving Me, You Can Do It, Free, You Again
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Calvin Richardson - When Love Comes Title: When Love Comes
Artist: Calvin Richardson
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2008

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Calvin Richardson is back with love on his third album "When Love Comes". In thirteen soulful tracks you can listen to his defintion of love. The prince of soul who we probably remember the best from the classic "More Than A Woman" is one of the few people who can sing so intense and soulful about love.

Calvin Richardson is a real soul man. On "When Love Comes" he continues the tradition of legends like Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and the Dells to name a few of the greatest names in classic soul music. Just like them he can sing. In his own way Calvin connects the vintage soul herritage to the sound of today. On the hit single "Sang No More" the real connoisseur will discover a sample from "Oh What A Night" from The Dells. The original bass player from The Dells supports Calvin on this track, isn't that great? A funky track on "When Love Comes" is "Sexy Love" and rock influences like we know from The Isley Brothers can be found in the title track. A sublime track is "Make Friends With Love". That is soul music of sheer beauty! It's soul power! In this song you will hear that Calvin Richardson is a great Bobby Womack fan. One of the sweetest ballads is the acoustic "Don't Go". Calvin demonstrates that he is a master of the metaphors on "Fire In The Attic" which he sings with his most sexy voice. Besides love for your partner there is another kind of love that Calvin sings about too. That is his love for his children that we find in "Daddy to My Kids". He also warns the vulnerable women to not search for love in the wrong place in "She's Hurtin". If your stable and ready for love you can "Give It To Me" is what Calvin will say to you in this uptempo song. Your favorite summer song might be "Nobody Loves You".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Fire In The Attic, Nobody Loves You, Give It To Me, Don't Go, Sang No More, Make Friends With Love
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Incognito - Tales from the Beach Title: Tales From The Beach
Artist: Incognito
Label: Dome
Year: 2008

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"Tales From The Beach" is the title of the new album from Incognito. It consists of fifteen sunny tracks. Some of them will make you dance, others will make you relax and cool down while you enjoy the music. Incognito is a household name in the music industry and the band stands for quality. Every album of this group has a solid backbone.

The music on "Tales From The Beach" is soulful, funky, jazzy with now and then a brasilian breeze and a kind of caribbean flavour. The lead and background singers are: Maysa, Joy Rose, Imaani and Tony Momrelle. The opening track "Step Aside" is sunny, but serious just as life is from time to time. The funkiest tracks are "I've Been Waiting", "I Come Alive" and the title song. A bit of The Earth, Wind And Fire-feel arouses in the song "When The Sun Comes Down". It's a song by Tony Momrelle. He might remind you of Stevie Wonder. Another song by Tony is the uptempo song "Happy People" that might become one of your favourites. Very tropical influences you will find in "Freedom To Love", definitely one to put on your dancing shoes. There are two songs on this album without lyrics but still with vocals. One of them is "Never Look Back", where we can admire Maysa Leak's wonderful voice. Her voice is such a pleasure to the ear that you will always look forward for her songs on Incognito albums. Joy Rose excels in "I Come Alive" and the same thing to say about Imaani in "Silence Of Mind". Part of the strength of Incognito is definitely these excellent singers.

In "Feel The Pressure" you will feel the brasilian spirit. The song to relax to is "When Words Are Just Words". Relaxing are not the words but the way they are sung and the cool melody. "Tales From The Beach" are tales you have to hear.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I've Been Waiting, Love Joy Understanding, I Come Alive, Happy People, Freedom To Love, Never Look Back, Silence Of Mind
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Conya Doss - Still... Title: Still...
Artist: Conya Doss
Label: Dome
Year: 2008

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The forth album of Conya Doss is entitled 'Still...". The album contains forteen songs. Most of the songs are about love and relationships and all the emotions these feelings bring along with them. The last song "Ride" is one to encourage you to stay focused and not to give up.

The album is soulful with funky grooves and you will find the trip hop song "Right On Time'on it. Right from the start with the song "Common Ground" you feel that you have quality music to listen to. This track has that sweet soulful groove which is so addictive that you want to hear it again before going further listening to the other songs.

The next song "Can't Stop" begins with an orchestral suspense and excitement that leads to a passionate love song. Here you notice that Conya Doss is not a screamer but a real singer. Her interpretation of the lyrics is of sheer beauty.

One of the uptempo songs on "Still..." is "Something 2Nite" where we hear some Mary J. Blige influences. Another influence you might here is that of Angie Stone in particular in the rhythm of "Ride". In "Turn it Up" you really want to party with miss Doss, while in "I Miss You" she takes you into a down-tempo soul groove again. A sparkling song to have a spring love affair on is "How About Us". You feel the sweet vibrations in this song and you know it will have a lovely ending. One more song that definitely has to be mentioned is "Come Over". It expresses a feeling we all know so well. Are you curious know? Give it a listen.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Common Ground, Can't Stop, Something 2Nite, Right On Time, How About Us, Turn It Up, Ride
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Jill Scott - Live in Paris + [CD + DVD] Title: Live in Paris +
Artist: Jill Scott
Label: Hidden Beach
Year: 2008

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You certainly have heard from hearsay that to see Jill Scott perform live is a fantastic experience. Now you can be part of that experience yourself by watching the Deluxe edition of the DVD "Jill Scott Live in Paris". The deluxe edition also includes the cd with the tracks that Jill performed in the Elysee Montmartre in Paris. Besides the show in the French capital you can see part of her performance at "The House Of Blues" in LA, California.

The DVD starts with rock music when the band plays "The Way". That's the introduction to Jill's performance on stage. One thing you will notice at once is the expression of Jill Scott, her face, her moves, her phrasing is exceptionally wonderful and sincere. You definitely have to see how passionate she handles the staff that supports the microphone during the song "Whatever". A lovely thing is that Jill Scott gives us a chance to really get to know her. At the end of the track called "The fact is" we learn from her how we need eachother. A child growing up needs a father as badly as a mother. In "Golden" we really feel how important freedom is. Besides the message of freedom Jill musically plays with this song giving it a fabulous jazzy interpretation towards the end of it. She shows us the diffence between an entertainer and an artist. Jill is an artist and that's the real thing. The rendition of the song "Rasool" will give you goosebumps. It begins acapella and then turns into a higly emotional story that will make many a person cry. Jill Scott has a phenomenal voice. You will hear Jill very clear how soft she might whisper or how hard she might scream it out! She is always in control of that beautiful voice in every note she sings.

Have you ever seen an artist in one song going from classical to funk? This is what happens in the awesome final track "He Loves Me". If you've seen this you will understand why Jill Scott has so many fans not only in Paris but all over the world. The other live performance on this DVD is the one at "The House Of The Blues" in Los Angelos, California. Here Jill showcases songs of her latest album "The Real Thing". It is a nice bonus feature to the brilliant show "Live In Paris".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: All
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Confection - Confection Title: Confection
Artist: Confection
Label: Soulchoonz
Year: 2008

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On the album entitled Confection you will travel back in time and discover sweet dance and soultracks like you used to hear in the eighties.It is eighties music with a fresh and funky flavour.The album contains ten tracks.

Confection is an Australian project produced by Josh Beagley with lead vocals from Juanita Tippins. They managed to catch the better sounds of the 80's in various ways on their self entitled album. Besides uptempo songs like the very catchy "I Choose U" you can also hear a romatic ballad like "Lovers Or Friends".

A very rocky and seductive song is "Put Me On Your Playlist". With the track "Flirt" we go back in the time of Flashdance. Another song you can move your feet on is "Diamonds" which was popularized by Janet Jackson and Herp Alpert.

Memories from the good old days with The Brooklyn Bronx and Queensband might come to mind when you listen to "You Got The Love". In "Feel It Comin' " you might get that Shalamar-feel, every time you hear this song it feels better. Get under the disco ball and enjoy this groovy "Confection".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I Choose U, Put Me On your Playlist, Fantasisin', Lovers Or Best Friends, Feel It Comin', You Got The Love

© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Angela Johnson - A Woman's Touch Vol.1 Title: A Woman's Touch Vol.1
Artist: Angela Johnson
Label: Dome
Year: 2008

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Angela Johnson gives us something we can feel on "A Woman's Touch Vol.I". That something is a collection of sweet soul music that Angela produced for excellent musicians like Rahsaan Patterson, Marlon Saunders, Maysa Leak, Monét, Eric Roberson, Tricia Angus, Gordon Chambers and more! Angela composed all the music and on a few tracks the lyrics as well and luckily we can hear her sing too on this great album.

"A Woman's Touch Vol.I" has all the ingredients we look for in music; the voices, the instruments, the melodies, the excitement, the emotions, the lyrics, the groove, yes everyting! After Angela's introduction to the music we hear a soulful funky groove with jazzy influences from Rahsaan Patterson, a pleasure for your ears called "Dream Flight". It is very nice to listen to Monét who gives us an Earth Wind & Fire feel in "That's Just The Way".

The acoustic piano that leads us to Maysa Leak with "More Than You know" is a perfect introduction to this awesome ballad. Maybe Angela Johnson had Aretha Franklin looking over her shoulder when she wrote and composed this lovely song. If you like to dance than put your dance shoes on to dance to "Should've Been There" by Angela Johnson and also for "Let Me Know" from Eric Roberson where you can shake and celebrate as well.

Frank McComb is keeping it funky in "Play" a very catchy melody with a sweet horn section. You'll love the bass and the keys too. A sweet voice to hear is that of Tricia Angus. A delicious surprise is the soulful duet by Marlon Saunders and Lenora Jaye entitled "Wait On A Maybe". It's soul music down to the bone where it's so amazing to hear how Marlon brings life into the notes with his unique and sweet dark voice. The sisters Tricia, Lisala and Angela are doing more than alright in "Cryin Over U". "A Woman's Touch Vol.I" ends with the swinging tropical rhythm of "Amal" featuring Ernesto Abreu.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Dream Flight, That's Just The Way, More Than You Know, Let Me Know, Play, Not The One, Wait On A Maybe, Cryin Over U
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Rogiérs - Life & Music: All Of It Title: Life & Music: All Of It
Artist: Rogiérs
Label: Fibby Music
Year: 2008

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Get ready for "Life & Music: All Of It" the full-length album from Rogiérs. It contains sixteen tracks and three bonus tracks, including a remix of "My Gift" and the orignal version of "Hollywood Story". In his explanation on the album we find out that the song is Rogiérs' life and that his life is his music.

Rogiérs has written all the tracks on the album and he also has done the arrangements and all vocals. On the hiphop rhythm of the title track Rogiérs is supported by rapper Big Tone. Other guests on the album are Bilal on the smooth R&B track "Hollywood Story" and Joseph Webb on the synthesizer track "Home".

The music of Rogiérs sounds fresh to the ear. In a world where so many songs sounds like a copy of eachother it feels good to hear a fresh approach to the music. The electronic sound of the "Keys" in the music is a sweet and subtle element but also the turn that the music takes in a song like" Come Into My World" is refreshing. An excellent ballad on the album is the piano song "You'll Live", it is very inspiring. On of your favourite R&B song might be the smooth love song "Come When You Call".

The dark groove in "Hollywood Story" featuring Bilal is awesome. Although Rogiérs brings us fresh music you might discover a little Al Jarreau feel in the funky track "We Must Be". The sweetest dance track is "Please Believe Me". You will like Life & Music: All Of It "Fa Sho"(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Life & Music, Hollywood Story, Fa Sho, Come When You call, You'll Live, My Gift, Please Believe Me
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Jill Scott - The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 Title: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3
Artist: Jill Scott
Label: Hidden Beach
Year: 2007

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On the new Jill Scott album "The Real Thing" it is more about words than sounds. The seventeen tracks on the album give us a look inside the person Jill Scott. She frankly sings about her search for freedom and her need for sex.

First of all Jill lets us know that she is the real thing and that how hard you might want her to change- "Hate On Me"- you will not succeed. She wants to be herself and be free as she expresses in the first track called "Let It Be".

On the last track "Rightness" Jill explains that music is her life. Through her music she tells us about all her feelings and thoughts. In "Come See Me" we discover a women's hunger for passionate love. Although you are not warned for explicit lyrics on this album Jill Scott is very explicit in the song "Crown Royal" where she sings about the Diesel engine where she's squirting mad oil on. That engine looks like a metaphor for a swollen penis. Many a diesel engine might warm up listening to this song while in "Epiphany" the temple and mountain peaks will begin to blossom. Female masturbation we find in "Celibacy Blues".

Besides sex Jill Scott also wonders "How It Would Make You Feel" if all black women in the world would disappear. In "Whenever You're Around" you'll learn that even in good company you can be lonely. More love realities are fulfilled in "ALL". That we "Wanna Be Loved" is such a real thing.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: The Real Thing, Come See Me, Crown Royal On Ice, Epiphany, My Love, Whenever You're Around, All I, Wanna Be Loved
© 2008, SaveOurSoul

Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights Title: 100 Days,100 Nights
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Label: Daptone Records
Year: 2007

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The third album from Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings is entitled "100 Days, 100 Nights". It contains ten tracks that will take you back to the sixties soul music scene. The music on this album is bluesy soul.

The sound will remind you of records issued by the Stax and Atco label( Atlantic Company) in the sixties. The horns, the rhythm and of corse the voice of Sharon Jones take you way back down memory lane. The Staple singers, Otis Redding, Eddie Floyd, Carla Thomas and the Memphis horns are some of the associations you make when you hear Sharon Jones and the eight gentlemen playing.

The lyrics on "100 Days, 100 Nights" are in the tradition of those from the blues singers who really tell a story about their life. Some kind of old fashioned story-telling. The title track is swinging and gets you in the mood to listen to the rest of the album. It is one of those songs you have to dance to in a big ballroom. A title that might draw your attention is "Let Them Knock". You might associate it with the sweet song from Bobby Patterson called "Let Them Talk". Another comparison you possibly will make is that between the song "Humble Me" and the classic soul song "No Time To Lose".

In "Keep On Looking", a nice uptempo song, we hear the blue beat rhythm. The blue beat we know as the sound from jamaican singers in the United Kingdom who walked the path of Rhythm and Blues in the early sixties. For the connection between gospel and soul you have to listen to "Answer Me"(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: 100 Days 100 Nights, Nobody's Baby, Let Them Knock, Humble Me, Keep On Looking, Answer Me
© 2008, SaveOurSoul