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2006 | Reviews



Vikter Duplaix - Bold And Beautiful Title: Bold And Beautiful
Artist: Vikter Duplaix
Label: BBE Records
Year: 2006
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On the album "Bold and Beautiful" from Vikter Duplaix he shares some insights in his own development with you. Items about love and sex and the search for freedom and happiness have been worked out in twelve tracks on this CD.

The album has a romantic and sometimes very intimate atmosphere especially in the song "In The Middle Of You" and that "you" is a female. In the song "Make A Baby" intimacy and love go hand in hand because as you know intimacy isn't always love but also lust.

Musically "Bold And Beautiful" has an overall mellow sound. Piano, keys, berimbau and tabla are some of the instruments we hear alongside the beats. In a compelling from time to time almost whispering voice Vikter sings to us in "The Way That I Feel".

The DJ in Vikter Duplaix you'll find in the dance beats when listening to "I See The Sun" where you are invited to let you light shine. Some sunshine you will warm you up in "A Life Worth Living" that has a pleasant change of rhytms when some samba feeling comes in towards the end of the song. If you like samba you definitely like the latin touches in "Temple of Thoughts" as well.

Something in "Another Great Love Gone By" or "Fade It" might remind you of Eric Roberson's style of music which is a pleasant style! A style we find at Dwele as well.

All these different tinges as described above make "Bold And Beautiful" a sweet experience to go through.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Stimulation, The Way That I Feel, A Life Worth Living, Fade It, For Life, Nothing Like Your Touch
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Jarrard Anthony - S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change Title: S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change
Artist: Jarrard Anthony
Label: Japmeg Inc
Year: 2006
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The follow-up of Jarrard Anthony's debut "Don't Sleep....Just Dream..." is entitled "S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change"(S.E.X.). On twelve songs we are introduced to another side of Jarrard Anthony who is trying to elevate the human experience with this new album. As a result of this effort we welcome a complete new sound on "S.E.X."

Jarrard Anthony calls the sound on this album "Electro Soul". It's a sound that emerged during his co-operation with producer Stico von Drake. As the story goes these guys would only work out one song together but it resulted in an album. The sound on this album can be described as a symphonic drum and base rhythm mixed with stronger or weaker accentuated R&B components. Sometimes the sound echoes away and evolves in a haunting feeling as if looking for the appropriate channels to connect you with the right synergy. Influences from the German group Kraftwerk and from today's dance culture definitely have their impact on "S.E.X.".

The album is a search for our existence, for why we behave like we do, for love, for honesty , for freedom and humanity. A song like "Right Now" will appeal to all of us because the questions and feelings it addresses are so familiar to us. It feels like a journey of self discovery. Because of the sound you feel like you are really making this journey youself. Besides travelling with Jarrard Anthony you can dream with him as well in the sensitive song "Dream With Me". Another very beautiful song on "S.ynergistic E.nergy X.change" is "Right from Wrong" where we find more of the R&B that we used to know from his first album, but now embedded in a symphonic sound. It's nice to observe that Jarrard Anthony is an artist who is not afraid for new things not afraid for challenges.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Dream With Me, The Dream PT.3, Right Now, Right From Wrong, I Never, The One
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Tim Dillinger - The Muse Title: The Muse
Artist: Tim Dillinger
Label: Icon's Pen Media
Year: 2006
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"The Muse" is the name of the new Tim Dilliger album. In a mixture of spoken word and songs from his pen we make an exciting journey with this man. The album contains seventeen tracks.

Tim Dillinger has dedicated the album to: Marvin Gaye, Tupac Shakur, Teena marie, Earth Wind & Fire, Reba Rambo-McGuire, Minnie Ripperton and Leslie "Sam" Philips. If you dedicate an album to the persons mentioned above you will do everything to make something beautiful of it. That's excactly what Tim has done.

The perfect combination of spoken word and songs make "The Muse" a wonderful album to listen to. Very sensitive songs like "Tell Me That I Can" and "I Wish" will conquer your heart because of the warm and deep emotions Tim shares with you. He feels so close to you like you could touch him. In "That's The Kind Of Love" we hear Tim's love for Earth Wind & Fire while in "You Are My Joy" a little Stylistic's feeling comes in. A very beautiful approach to the human race is demonstrated by Tim Dillinger in "(I'm Not) Colorblind".

The beauty of "Ode To The Muse" will remind you that there's always hope and that "The Muse" will continue to do Her work also in times to come.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: That's the Kind Of Love, I Wish, (I'M Not) Colorblind, Tell Me That I can, You Are My Joy, I Will Stay
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Fantasia - Fantasia Title: Fantasia
Artist: Fantasia
Label: J Records
Year: 2006
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"Fantasia" is the title of the new album from Fantasia Barrino better know as Fantasia. In forteen tracks varying from a kind of minimalist to full RnB she shares her fantasies with us.

The album starts with "Hood Boy" featuring Big Boi from Outkast, a very catchy track which contains a sample from "The Happening" from The Supremes. The second track a production from Midi Mafia and Mzmeriq is the big surprise on this CD. Qua idea the sound has some similarity with the popcorn song from the early seventies which also had a unique sound. A difference is that the popcorn song was an instrumental whereas on "When I See U" you will hear the soulful voice of Fantasia.

Old fashioned horns you will find in the song "Baby Makin'Hips" that give this song the good old soul feeling. A full R&B song is "Bump What Ya Friends Say" while "I'm Not That Type" is a more minimalist variant of this genre although both songs are Missy Elliot productions. This kind of variety in the music will make Fantasia acceptable for a wider audience.

Another example of the variety is the Babyface production "I Feel Beautiful" which is a very sweet ballad that shows a huge contrast with the pure rock and roll song "Uneligible".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Hood Boy, When I See U, I Feel Beautiful, Two Weeks Notice, Bore Me, Bump What Ya Friends Say
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Patti Labelle - The Gospel According To Patti Labelle Title: The Gospel According To Patti Labelle
Artist: Patti Labelle
Label: Umbrella Recordings
Year: 2006
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Patti Labelle's first gospel album ever is entitled "The Gospel According To Patti Labelle". In eleven songs Patti passionately spreads the word of Jesus or Jehova. From the first to the last track this soul legend is on a succesful mission.

Patti Labelle begins the album with the burning question "Did You Pray Today". This opening song starts very powerful with these soulful horns cutting through your musical soul. It's a mix of gospel and soul that is very joyful.

All gospel ingredients are included on "The Gospel According To Patti Labelle". First and foremost Patti's strong and soulful voice that has ripened for more than four decades. Then you have the different choirs doing great jobs and the sound of the piano and organ that are essential in this spiritual genre of music. Last but not least you have the great artists who are singing along with Lady Labelle such as:Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, J.Moss, The Soul Seekers, Ce Ce Winans, Wynonna Judd, rapper Kanye West and Consequence.

Songs that will take you right back to Church are:"Walk Around Heaven", "God Ain't Through","I Just Love Him So" and "My Everything".

The song "Anything" featuring Mary Mary is very encouraging and will give many a person the strength to achieve their goal in life. The hiphop version with Kanye West is a nice bonus. Producers and songwriters like: Gordon Chambers, Troy Taylor, Sammi McKinney, Nisan Stewart and Scott Shavoni Parker have supplied Patti Labelle with "Heavenly Music". Music that reminds us of how sweet life can be in spite of all the obstacles we meet along the way. Thank you for the music Patti!(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Did You Pray Today, Where Love Begins, Anything, Walk Round Heaven, I Just Love Him So, My Everything, You Are My Friend
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Frank McComb - The Truth Vol 2. Title: The Truth Vol 2.
Artist: Frank McComb
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2006
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The complete title of this CD is The Malibu Sessions presents Frank McComb "The Truth Vol.2". Frank has written eight of the fourteen songs and has co-written the rest except one written by Stevie Wonder.

Except writing the songs Frank plays the piano and the keys and sings his heart out on every track on this album. On the "Truth Vol.2" which is produced by Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey other familiar names are that of percussionist Paulinho da Costa, the late Billy Preston and Branford Marsalis.

On Branford Marsalis' poject Buckshot Lefonque Frank did the vocals of their hit song "Another Day". The "Truth Vol.2" is a romantic album with music from a gentleman. In style Frank might remind you a bit of George Benson and Stevie Wonder. He's soul and jazz and he gets funky too. Frank must be a Stevie Wonder fan if you listen to his interpretation of Stevie's "Golden Lady".

Most songs on the album are slow and midtempo gems. The mix of soul and jazz gets really jazzy towards the end of the CD in the instrumental "Mr. Integrity" and in the swinging "Satan's Jam". A funky track is "Do You Remember" and "Labelled As Love" is one of the sweet ballads on "The Thruth Vol.2". A very nice song is "Love Is On It's Way" from an original recording from 1994. It has the same feel as "My Cherie Amour". With so many beautiful love songs on The Malibu Sessions there must be some music for you to pick out for your own love sessions.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: More Than Friends, Only In My Dreams, Golden Lady, Do You Remember, Labelled As Love, Love Is On It's Way
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Brown's Bag - Soul Satisfied Title: Soul Satisfied
Artist: Brown's Bag
Label: SoulChoonz Records
Year: 2006
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"Soul Satisfied" is the title of Brown's Bag new album. On twelve tracks Ward Brown together with his fellow musicians shows his love for "Old School".

The band is inspired by artists who put their mark on music from the seventies like: Teddy Pendergrass, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Gamble and Huff and Curtis Mayfield. This is music from more than three decades ago and maybe Brown's Bag have clung on to this style too much on their new album. Anyway with this knowledge you can easily play their music on any old school party. It's music for lovers of this particular style.

The most beautiful songs on "Soul Satisfied" are the slow jams like "Rain", "You're Contagious"- which sounds a bit like The Stylistics- and "More Than Friends". A sweet disco beat you'll find in "No More Love". It's not clear if all the songs on this album are originals. If they indeed are the composers deserve a compliment because it's highly appreciated if a band has it's own material.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: You Touch My Heart, You're Contagious, More Than Friends, Rain
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Dionne Warwick - My Friends & Me Title: My Friends & Me
Artist: Dionne Warwick
Label: Concord Music Group
Year: 2006
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Dionne Warwick celebrates forty five years in showbusiness with her new album "My Friends & Me". It are her girlfriends who accompany Dionne on twelve of the thirteen tracks on this album. In a follow up of this project Dionne Warwick promises us that we will hear her boyfriends as well.

Dionne girlfriends are: Gloria estefan, Gladys Knight, Kelis, Angie Stone, Deborah Cox, Celia Cruz, Olivia Newton-John, Lisa Tucker, Da Brat, Wynonna Judd, Cheyenne Elliot, Mya, Cyndi Lauper, Mya, Chanté Moore and Reba McEntire. The album is produced by Dionne's son Damon Elliot.

As you see it are friends from different generations which might made this album suitable for a broad audience. The nice thing about the songs on "My Friends & Me" is that they are classics- most of them composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David- that brought Dionne a lot of success. The bad thing is that it's always hard to beat the original versions.

It would have been more exciting to surprise the world with material that have never been released before or complete new songs. However for the real Dionne Warwick fans this album will be okay because it is always nice to hear Dionne sing. It's like going back down memory lane which probably is the concept of this CD. A very sweet track is the salsa duet with the late great Celia Cruz called "Do You Know The Way To San Jose". Another song "The Windows Of The World", featuring Da Brat and Angie Stone is a song of hope and a trademark of Dionne Warwick who knows better than anybodyelse how to touch one's heart. (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Message To Michael, I'll Never Love This Way Again, Wishin'And Hopin', The Windows Of The World, Do You Know The Way To San Jose
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Peter Hadar - Memories Of The Heart Title: Memories Of The Heart
Artist: Peter Hadar
Label: Cool Weirdos Music
Year: 2006
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The debut album of Peter Winstead Jr. a.k.a. Peter Hadar is entitled "Memories Of The Heart". On twelve tracks Peter with his husky voice takes us to his musical heart.

The first track "provider" starts off with some rumble in the New York music jungle. Peter's dark and husky voice rises above the African like drums to spread his words. It's exciting to hear Peter sing. His voice carries a secret -at least that's how it feels- which he's goin to reveal to you at any moment.

Peter has developped a unique sound to accompany his meaningful and cleverly composed lyrics and melodies. He can make some noise as you will notice in "Thunder" but he can also bring you the sweetest ballad "Please". The way this cool weirdo describes the passion and lust in "Need Love" is awesome. Peter Hadar demonstrates his social commitment in the song "Marvin" where he connects today's world with the one Marvin Gaye sang about when he was alive. It's up to you to find out if there had been made any progress since then. A song that will blow your mind off is "First Sight". The lovely changes in rhythm contain all the ingredients to make you dance and step into the groove.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Provider, Never Again, Need Love, Xplosive, First Sight, Marvin
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Various Artists - UK Fix (The Cream Of UK R&B) Title: UK Fix
Artist: Various Artists
Label: 2Funky Records
Year: 2006
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The new release from 2Funky Records is called "UK Fix". On this album Dj G.Child presents " The cream of Uk R&B". In sixteen songs you will hear what genres of R&B are popular in Britain and who are their representatives.

As you might know England has always been on the musical map with popular music. It's a big kindom and peoples from all over the world with different backgrounds has contributed to it's musical diversity.

This diversity we also find in the Uk R&B scene that has been collected on the "UK Fix" album. A nice example is singer Omar who is widely appreciated for his contribution to soul music. He nicely surprises us with a calypso influenced R&B track "It's So...". Another genre coming from Britain is Drum n'Bass. Kinettik is using this genre in the spacey track 'Soula system". You will further notice that England hasn't been isolated from the world as you'll hear Romina Johnson in a Michael Jackson like song "As Good As This" or has she been influenced by British own "Five Star"?

On UK Fix you will also find a track from Don-E, an artist you can't miss. This talented singer / songwriter / composer and multi-instrumentalist brings us smooth R&B in "Bus stop!". With newcomer Nate James we groove in "Pretend". Natalie Williams combines the motown-sound with British soul in "This Girl", while Annonymos adds the syntheziser sound to a lovely and in extacy culminating song called "Jus B'Cos". Fun*dmental03 brings luscious R&B in "Playground". Being a British invention the dancehall rhythm can't be left out on a UK collection as demonstrated by Camilla featuring Fumin' in "Don't Act". The funky and jazzy sound in R&B music from England is brought to you by Jag in "What Ever It Takes".

If you don't want to miss what's going on in British R&B music bizz you have to listen to "UK Fix".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Playground, This Girl, It's So, Jus B'Cos, What Ever It takes, Side By Side, Pretend, Bus Stop!, Tic Toc
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


John Legend - Once Again Title: Once Again
Artist: John Legend
Label: Sony / Columbia Records
Year: 2006
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John Legend is back in 2006 with his new album "Once Again". The album contains thirteen tracks that cover all sorts of music from rock to soul and from gospel to folk and pop music. It's a CD from a modern troubadour not entertaining only the wealthy but also the poor, in fact entertaining a lot of people.

The album starts with a soul-rock populair song starting slow but growing to a climax with rocky guitars. Here you notice at once the ability of John Stephens a.k.a John Legend to build up a song and keep it interesting. It's an element you'll hear in other songs too especially in the beautiful track called "Again".

There's a sweet mix of music styles on "Once Again". In a song like "Stereo" you might imagine you're spending one of a thousand and one nights in desert with a sound of an arabian flute. While in "Maxine" you feel a hot latin air that invites you to some deep dark romance at anytime. Yes, John Legend has a distinctive pleasant dark and sensual voice to touch our soul.

A magnificent song is "Show Me" co-written and produced by Raphael Saadiq. The beauty of the songs that have been co-written and produced by William James Adams Jr. a.k.a. will appeal to you too. The song "Slow Dance" might remind those who are longer into soul music of the Curtis Mayfield composition "I've Been Trying". If you happen to know "If You Could Read My Mind" from Gordon Lightfoot you will think of it when you hear the gospel tinged song "Coming Home" John Legend's album "Once Again" might be a one of those albums you like to hear again and again.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Save Room, Show Me, Each Day Gets Better, Slow Dance, Again, Maxine, Coming Home
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Various Artists - Soul Togetherness '06 Title: Soul Togetherness 2006
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2006
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Fifteen Modern Soul Gems is the subtitle of the "Soul Togetherness 2006" album. It's a collection of soul music that has been played this year at the soulweekender happenings in the United Kingdom. Besides music from this century you'll find some nice tracks from the twentieth century on this album as well.

New songs that'll attrack your attention are coming from Aura Jackson in "Walkafteru" -a very funky soul track which feels like a combination of Prince and Lina- and Peter Hadar with stepping music from Harlem in a wonderful song called "First Sight". Sunny California is soulfully represented by Unified Tribe in a peppery kind of James Brown meets Al Jarreau song called "Keep On Keepin'On".

The album starts off with a very sweet dance groove from Funky Company. Janita's "OH" and Alexander O'Neal's "Lord" have a sunny latin beat. Pure soul comes from Black Box -the Italian Hit sensation from "Right On Time" with another heartbreaker "Fall into my love" which is totally different from their hit song. More soul tracks from Europe between the Fifteen Modern Soul Gems are from Trace from Sweden and The Leo Méndez Group from Spain.

One of your favourite evergreens however might be Millie Jackson with her interpretation of the Lattimore classic "Somethin'Bout Cha". Artha Franklin and Luther Ingram are other oldies on this fresh and lively collection called "Soul Togetherness 2006".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Walkafteru, First Sight, Ain't For Free, Keep On Keepin'On, Where Has The Love Gone, Somethin' Bout Cha, Do You Love Somebody
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Monica - Makings Of Me Title: The Makings Of Me
Artist: Monica
Label: J Records
Year: 2006
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The new album from Monica is entitled "The Makings Of Me". The total playing time of this ten track album is thirty eight minutes and twenty one seconds. In this spell of time Monica has to show us her musical achievements uptil now. There's no time to waiste.

As you can rotate this album almost twice an hour you get accustomed to the songs very soon. Monica dedicated "The Makings Of Me" to her son Rodney Ramone III. The title song is based on "The Makings Of You" from soul legend Curtis Mayfield and has been produced by Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot. The nice things about re-makes like this is that the young generation gets to know Curtis Mayfield. The bad thing is that nobody does it better than Curtis himself. Other producers on this album are: Jermaine Dupri and Clive Davis.

The album opener is the catchy song "Everytime Tha Beat Drop" featuring Dem Franchize Boyz. You can say that the sound is a mixture of R&B and soul and in the track "Why Her" you'll hear some kind of Commodores "piano keys" which is pleasant to hear. A hot track to listen to is "Doin' Me Right" which contains a sample from "Chocolate Girl" as performed by The Whispers. It really might become one of your favourites. Sweet love will rain down on you in "My Everything" also a soulful groove. It's nice to hear how the street beats from Missy Elliot vary with the other flavours on "The Makings Of Me". Altogether Monica has delivered a nice album and her baby is a cutie. But aren't they all?(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Everytime Tha Beat Drop, Why Her, Doin'Me Right, Raw, My Everything, Getaway
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Incognito - Bees + Things + Flowers Title: Bees + Things + Flowers
Artist: Incognito
Label: Dome
Year: 2006
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Incognito is flourishing again on the new album "Bees + Things + Flowers". The album contains eleven tracks including four classic hits from the band in brand new arrangements. The remake of "Always There" one of the greatest club hits ever is sung by Jocelyn Brown who also sang the original.

The sound on "Bees + Things + Flowers" is fantastic. On more than half of the tracks on this album there's a powerful sixteen piece string section. This explains why you'll feel like attending a spectacular soul musical while in reality you're listening to Incognito with her great vocalists. Besides Jocelyn Brown you'll hear; Joy Rose, Carleen Anderson, Tony Momrelle, Imaani and Maysa.

You can hear all these singers sing together on "That's The Way of The World". In the duet "Still A Friend Of Mine" Maysa and Tony Momrelle will turn your world into a paradise. Carleen Anderson's interpretation of "Summer In The City" is one of the most exciting versions of this Lovin Spoonful hit from the Sixties. She will also enchant you in "Tin Man". Gold is another metal shaped into a precious and beautiful song called "You Are Golden". Imaani sings so sweet in "Crave" one of the new songs from Bluey on "Bees + Things + Flowers". A bit of the "old" Jocelyn Brown you'll find in "Raise".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Summer In The City, Always There, Raise, Still A Friend Of Mine, Tin Man, Deep Waters, You Are Golden
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Silk - Always And Forever Title: Always And Forever
Artist: Silk
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2006
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Silk is back in business with their new album called "Always And Forever". On this ten track album you can listen to the golden voices of this quartet that you might know from their very huge hit in the nineties "Freak Me".

It was Keith Sweat who gave Silk a chance to enchant people all over the world with their music. This was almost seventeen years ago and the group hasn't forgotten how to sing. As soon as you activate the play button on your music gear, the wonderful harmonies of the opening song "There Will Never Be" will scatter through the air.

Singing soulful and in harmony is what has made Silk a big success. A sweet song where the whole group is doing lead vocals is the beautiful title track "Always and Forever" a re-make from the Heatweave song composed by Rod Temperton. Just like the title song all songs on this album are covers. The Prince song "Adore" is brilliantly covered, while the "Sweet Seduction Suite" version of "Secret Garden" is very suitable to make a baby on. The music from Silk has therefore also been known as "baby-making music". Besides slow- and midtempo jams there are uptempo grooves on this album as well. One of them is "A Night To Remember" a song you can't resist to dance on just like the original by Shalamar. The Michael Jackson song "Lady In My Life" sounds like it has been written by Silk themselves. "Always And Forever" is an album that might take some of us down memory lane or get others acquainted with the main ingredients of singing.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: There Will Never Be, Adore, Always & Forever, Nite And Day, Lady In My Life, A Night To Rember
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Anthony David - The Red Clay Chronicles Title: The Red Clay Chronicles
Artist: Anthony David
Label: Dome
Year: 2006
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The new Anthony David album "The Red Clay Chronicles" will make the headlines anywhere it's heard. On the UK and European edition of this sublime album there are sixteen tracks including three tracks from his previous CD "3 Chords And The Truth". These three tracks are: " 50/50 Love", "Ga Peach(remix)" and the hot and sensual "Spittin'Game.

Anthony David has also gathered the crème de la crème of musicians from his hometown GA, Atlanta to work with him on these chronicles. His longtime friend India.arie, Julie Dexter, Earl Klugh, Keisha Jackson and Khari Simmons are some of the names who contributed to the music.

On "The Red Clay Chronicles" Anthony David used all chords and the music to show the diversity of his artistry. Pulsating rhythms and pumping beats where you hear bass, horns and keys are altered with more delicate songs e.g. if you compare "ATL Sunshine" or the super funky "Sho Nuff" with "On and On". A few songs on "The Red Clay Chronicles" one of them is "Smoke One" will surely remind you of the cool music style from Eric Roberson.

Besides the sweet lovers rock song "50/50 Love" featuring Julie Dexter there's also an irie feeling in the warm family song "Kin Folk". In his remake of the Level-42 song "Something About You" Anthony spoils us with bits and pieces of the splendid song "Yes" that you'll find on "3 Chords And The Truth". The theme of the title song "The Red Clay Chronicles" is not a typical Atlanta theme, but something universal. It will appeal to a lot of people.

Something that makes Anthony David such a great musician is, besides his social engagement and the oustanding capability to communicate it, the fun and the pleasure he brings as well as his romanticism. The duet "Words" with India.Arie is something like a soulserenade of extreme beauty.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Stop Playin', Everything Is Everything, Words, ATL Sunshine, Sho Nuff, Better Than, The Red Clay Chronicles, Spittin'Game
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Tok Tok Tok - From Soul To Soul Title: From Soul To Soul
Artist: Tok Tok Tok
Label: BHM
Year: 2006
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Sweet soul music is coming to you from Germany on the latest Tok Tok Tok album "From Soul To Soul". This band is until now always looking for creativity in her musical approach and yes they've found it again. On the twelve track album "From Soul To Soul" Tok Tok Tok puts the spotlight on some of their favourite musicians.

By composing music in the spirit of their idols Tok Tok Tok is honouring artists like: Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Nora Jones, James Brown, Santana, Herbie Hancock, Tania Maria and drummer Steve Gadd but also Earth Wind and Fire, Ray Charles, Isaac Hayes and The Tower of Power. This mélange of artists implicates that you'll hear a variety of soul and jazz music on "From Soul To Soul" in Tok Tok Tok style. A style that primarily means acoustic soul with the sensitive jazzy voice of songstress Tokunbo Akinro and the saxophones and mouth drums from Morten Klein who is responsible for the music.

A strong element from Tok Tok Tok is that despite of their social awareness there's always pleasure and joy in what they do. A good example is the tribute to Isaac Hayes in "Get Away" which is directly followed by the ode to James Brown where you get on the good foot immediately in "Toxido Junction". The horns in the song "Oh Lord" will take you way back in time when you used to hear this instrument on almost every soul record. Morten is taking you to the top and memories come alive when you hear him play so beautiful in honour of Ray Charles. A very warm sensational feeling will cover you allover your body and mind when Tokunbo sings Norah Jones in " Keep Me Warm". You'll definitely fall in love with those hot latin and caribbean melodies on "From Soul To Soul" and you'll certainly not be "The Only One" who will swing.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Toxido Junction, Oh Lord, Keep Me Warm, I Could Never Forget, The Only One, As One
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Conya Doss - Love Rain Down Title: Love Rain Down
Artist: Conya Doss
Label: Dôme
Year: 2006
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Conya Doss is sharing her new music with us on the album called "Love Rain Down". The twelve soulful tracks on this album has all been co-written by Conya Doss. Other familiar names we find here are that of producer/singer/sonwriter Myron who wrote the title song and the track "Tell Me Why" and producer Rodney Jones who wrote "The One" and "Let You Know".

Conya is not her hair, but her afro hairstyle brings back memories of the late sixties and the seventies when her musical ancestors paved the way for sweet soul music. Soul music has many variations and the variant of Conya Doss' is kind of smooth and sparkling with a solid and serious undertone.

The first track "Tell Me Why" has some Curtis Mayfield feeling surrounding it, the "Give Me Your Love" feel, and has a cleverly found theme to sing about. "Love Rain Down" is also a song with lyrics that are so beautifully chosen and a fascinating melody. Another witty melody you'll find on "Call Me" here it sounds like a morse code is being used to send the message. The ballad "Only Be Me" will definitly be one of your favourite songs because of it's wisdom and sincerity. It's a song you will completely surrender to and if that's not enough you are spoiled elsewhere on the album with an absolute jewel of a song called "Sign" which might leave you speechless. A tropical flavour is added to the album in the last track "Why Did You".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Tell Me Why, Find A Way, Only Be Me, Love Rain Down, Sign, Nevermind
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Charmain Patterson - Feels Good Title: Feels Good
Artist: Charmaine Patterson
Label: unknown
Year: 2006
CD not yet released. September 2006
Charmaine Patterson will make you feel good with her debut album "Feels Good". On this ten track album she explores the feeling of love in an energetic and passionate style. She is a hard working woman in the music bussiness and a lover of funk and soul and she's streetwise. That might be a conclusion you'll come to after listening to her album.

Whether it's a ballad or a rock song Charmaine Patterson will keep it funky and soulful. This sister has the gift to turn words on into a feeling. The title song "Feels Good" will make you dance to the music with Charmaine. It's a hot and funky dance track. Besides funk and soul you'll find two songs to rock and roll on this album. One of them is "Atic" where the steam comes off. The other song is "Karma" where we discover Charmaine's love for her idol Tina Turner. Charmaine Pattersons voice has the characteristics that are typical to become a great soul lady. It's warm clear, emotional, sensual and powerful all at the right time.

In the beautiful ballads "In Love", "Slow" and "Meanwhile" you'll dream away like on a sun shiny day. The guitars which we hear on the album are really part of Charmaine's distinctive trade mark. The sound on the album is familiar and yet distinctive which makes it accessible for a broad audience. This might be the clue that Chamaine's music "Feels Good", yes real good.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Feels Good, Atic, In Love, Slow, Meanwhile, Takes A Second
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Wayman Tisdale - Way Up! Title: Way Up!
Artist: Wayman Tisdale
Label: Rendezvous Entertainment
Year: 2006
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The new Wayman Tisdale album is entitled "Way Up!". Wayman plays the fender instruments on this album which means guitars more in particular the bass. There are eleven tracks on this album where Wayman has also been writing ,co-writing and producing. The album generates a joyful atmosphere.

Overall the album is in general an instrumental work with now and then an interaction with vocals and background vocals. There's one song which is fully vocalized and that is the lovely ballad "Sweet Dreams" featuring Eric Benét. Someone we hear singing and playing his guitar as well is Jonathan Butler. He gives us some kind of African chant-but than in English- at his best in the song "Sunday's Best". His voice is heartbreaking. Another guest on "Way Up!" is long time musician George Duke in the song "Tell It Like It Tis" which he himself wrote and where we hear him and Lisa Hampton do the vocals.

A sensitive and lovely song is the song for Bubba called "My Son" where we notice the love of a father for his son. The cover of Kool and the Gang's "Get Down On It" is a real party song for your soundblaster. With the title song "Way Up!" you'll notice which direction is up. The album is a mix of funk and soul that might give you a kind old school feel. The saxophone from Kirk Whalum on two of the tracks is nice to hear. Wayman Tisdale will take lovers of this kind of music "Way Up!".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Get Down On It, Conversation Piece, Sweet Dreams, It's A Good Day, Sunday's Best
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


DJ Spinna - Intergalactic Soul Title: Intergalactic Soul
Artist: DJ Spinna
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2006
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"Intergalactic Soul" is DJ Spinna's new album. On this forteen track album we hear twelve artists. There are three instrumentals to be heard one of which is "Computer Love". Most of the songs DJ Spinna created in the studio constructing the beats in his drum machine.

The album is a fusion of hip hop, soul, funk, jazz and dance music. It's first track is hip hop in which Alphonso Greer deals with "Current Event's", while the title song brings to memory Val Watson's funky rendition of "Wind Me Up" on her album "Live At The Funk Lounge". The Prince feeling comes in with "Back 2U" featuring Selan. Stephanie McKay is responsible for a jazz flavour in "Peace and Quiet" whereas Eric Roberson contributes to this album in his own unique style.

Also the contribution of Lizz Fields "Could It Be Too Soon" is a wonderful song in the intergalactic world. We go way back to the seventies because of "Computer Love" which is a remake of the original Kraftwerk song. As you notice there is much diversity on the album. The dance tracks on "Intergalactic Soul" you'll find from track ten "We Can Change This World" up to track thirteen "Bye Bye Bye". Track forteen "Final Events" is really the last track of a sweet album. (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Intergalatic Soul, Where's Your Love, Back 2U, Peace and Quiet, Computer Love, Could It Be Too Soon
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons - Moon Bossa Title: Moon Bossa
Artist: Julie Dexter & Khari Simmons
Label: Dôme
Year: 2006
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Julie Dexter and Khari Simmons new album is called "Moon Bossa". The fourteen tracks on the album includes a remix of "Fooled by a smile" by Incognito, a remix of the track "Venusian" and a remix of "The Dove" by Jiva. Jiva is the band of Atlanta based bass player and producer Khari Simmons. Earlier this year the Jiva "Sun and Moon" album was released in the UK.

The sound of the big band comes back on a track like "The Dove" with those sweet horns. It's a kind of Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass feeling you get listening to this song. Another band that you'll remember when listening to "Moon Bossa" is the great "Brasil 66" of Sergio Mendes. Khari is a lover of "bossa nova" and has mixed this Brasilian jazz and soul sound in all it's variety with contemporay music.

As the result of this we hear a beautiful cover of Swing Out Sister's "Fooled by a smile" sung by Julie Dexter with that sweet honey voice. She sings a lovely duet too with Alex Lattimore where she takes us high on a crystal clear "Wave" while Alex is reaching for the rich depth. On the remix of "Dove" you'd like to drink a caipirihna and dance whether your on the beach or in da club. "What Do I Do" is a kind of synhtizers soul song that takes you into space. It's starts slow and evolves into a rocking melody.

The album has a happy and sunny feel but at the same time it takes you into that jazzy atmosphere that we know from the late night hours. Earlier the sweet horns were mentioned but the guitars and piano on "Moon Bossa" are a special flavour too for music lovers.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Moon Bossa, My Baby Don't Love Me, Promises, What Do I Do, Fooled By A Smile, Wave
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


She - She Soul Title: She Soul
Artist: She
Label: Trans Phatt/A. Tulumello
Year: 2006
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The lovely debut album of SHE is entitled "SHE SOUL" and she's making you feel good with her music. On the eleven tracks on this album SHE shares soulful considerations of love and self investigation with us. Soul, R&B, hip hop and a touch of dancehall in "You're Gonna Really Love Me" are the ingredients on "SHE SOUL".

The ingredients you have to mix properly to turn up with a good flavour and that's what producer and writer Armand Tulumello has achieved together with SHE. You'll find an element of humour in "Knight In Shining Armor" while in a song like "Who Am I" we go back to the reality of everyday life. Alongside a ballad like "All I Want(Is Your Love) ", you 'll feel the funk in a song like "Slippin'(Back To Your Love)".

The changes in tempo and melodies keep the music interesting and fresh. The lyrics are fine to listen to because SHE doesn't speak in tongues. SHE sings so natural of subjects we all understand and can relate to and that's somethings that has it charms. SHE sounds familiair to us although it's her debut album which is a good sign. It means that she appeals to us. What does SHE sounds like ? SHE is soulful and young with a warm voice. It's a voice that's pleasant to hear. SHE SOUL will soon be "OUR SOUL"(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Knight In Shining Armor, I Found Love, Who Am I ?, Slippin'(Back To Your Love), All I Want
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Ray Robinson - What It Is Title: What It Is
Artist: Ray Robinson
Label: 2Funky Records
Year: 2006/2004
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"What It Is" is the title of the new Ray Robinson album, which definitely is a must to hear. In fifteen tracks including the "Be The One remix" Ray Robinson is spreading fresh and creative hiphopsoul sounds from Toronto all over the globe. Some of the tracks even got a distinctive reggae soul flavour, a musical ingredient that made Toots and The Maytals celebrities.

When listening to the album "What It Is" you'll notice that Ray Robinson is here to stay. He and his producers know their classics as you will notice in songs like "Pleasure Is Pain" and "Patiently Waiting". If you know your classics you have a good foundation to keep building on. The producers are: Rayon Henry, Colin More, Kevin 'Kid Kut' Keith and Saukrates. You can hear Kit Kut and Saukrates participating on the track "Missed Your Chance".

All these musicians together have contributed to an excellent album. There are some nice features on this album as there is on the intro but especially the outro of "Good Times" which turns on into a Sam Cooke like acapella song honoring the children. A sort of aphrodisiac is "Pleasure Is Pain" which ends with fireworks which usually explodes high in the sky but not this time. Other sweet features you will not miss are the hornsection on "I'm Down" and the bridge in "Girlfriend". Stevie Wonder, D'Angelo and Al Green must have been part of Robinson's historic music collection. The knowledge of music history mixed with Ray Robinson's own talents and skills will reveal to you what is meant by "What It Is".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: My Heart, Missed Your Chance, Heaven, Be The One, Rather Be Alone, Pleasure Is Pain
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Jeff Hendrick - Soul Celebration Title: Soul Celebration
Artist: Jeff Hendrick
Label: Bout Time
Year: 2005
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Jeff Hendrick is sharing his love for soul music with us on his new album "Soul Celebration". On the ten track album, this Canadian singer/songwriter gives us a good time as he makes us forget our sorrows for a while and have a party.

Jeff Hendrick is not only a singer and producer but also a gifted saxophonist and pianist. His warm and sensual soulful voice will conquer many a heart. What is his music like? Well, you could file it under R&B, soul or smooth jazz. But when you ask Jeff himself to describe it he will call it stepping music.

As Jeff has a broad musical background he uses different elements to make "Soul Celebration" a pleasure to listen to. In the funk laden track "She's So Sexy" we hear some latin caribbean inluences that'll definitely get you on the dancefloor to shake it down. On the other hand the slow jam "Love U Down" is pure soul music which you have to dance body to body. The sound of the organ in "One Ya Want" is lovely. If your into smooth jazz you'll probably chose "I Like The Way" as one of your favourite songs. Jeff Hendrick also gives us a song to enjoy "Summertime". If you really like to party, listen to "Celebrate" and have an "Old School Party".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Celebrate, Old School Party, She's So Sexy, Love U Down, One Ya Want

© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Felton Pilate - Nothing But Love Spoken Here Title: Nothing But Love Spoken Here
Artist: Felton Pilate
Label: Escapi Music
Year: 2006
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Felton Pilate is romancing on his latest album "Nothing But Love Spoken Here". In forteen songs including three rimixes of the title track he reminds us of times when a lady was called a lady and not a bitch.

Felton is member of ConFunkShun the successful soulfunk group and he's also known for writing and producing a song like "U Can't Touch This " for the rap star of the nineties M.C.Hammer. The title song "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" is a powerful and sweet ballad. The USRemix#2 version of this song is very catchy. The synthesizers used in this version as well as the lines from the rapper have done their work. Felton Pilate has filled this album with sugar sweet ballads but he has also recorded a mid-tempo groove on it called "Yours For Life".

A nice and pleasant surprise on "Nothing But Love Spoken Here" is Felton's rendition of the song "Keeping You To Your Promise" which he wrote for the Stylistics who recorded it in 1996. On "Takin'It From The Top" the funk comes in but that's not strange for a funkateer like Pilate.

This album is one to relax to and dream away on. Especially lovers of adult comtemporary music will be pleased with this album and pick out their favourite ballad.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Nothing But Love Spoken Here, Takin' It From The Top, Only For You, Keepin' You To Your Promise, Be My Baby
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Karen Bernod - Life @ 360 Degrees Title: Life @ 360 Degrees
Artist: Karen Bernod
Label: Dôme
Year: 2006
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Karen Bernod's second and latest album is entitled "Life @ 360 Degrees". On the album you'll find twelve tracks including an infectious house remix of "Spirit"-a song featured on her first album- and an interlude where she speaks in tongues bringing in the humour.

On "Life @ 360 Degrees" Karen Bernod gives us a peek in her her and her ideas about it in songs like "Family" and in the interlude "Ma, Renee & Me" which leads to "African Chant".

From the serious tone in "Hair I Am" she swiftly moves to a playful and subtle love song called "Subway Love Game" which will inspire many people to take a trip on the A, B or D trains in the Big Apple. With "Comfort Zone" Karen takes us deeper into emotions in our search for that special spot of the human body. Karen Bernod has a nice and comfortable voice to listen to which make you feel at ease. Funk, jazz and soul is the well of which she musically draws from, always with that dark bassline on the background. It's a vivid and driving beat that will lift u up. Typical for Karen on this album is that she creates a sphere of understanding between you and her. "Truth Iz" that Karen will gather more fans with her music and "Spirit". Yes she brings soul in da house real deep.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Is, Hair I Am, Subway Love Game, Comfort Zone, Truth Iz
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Jazzhole - Poet's Walk Title: Poet's Walk
Artist: Jazzhole
Label: Soul Brother Records
Year: 2006
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Poet's Walk from Jazzhole is a sweet musical sensation you have to experience yourself. It's the latest album from this New York based band from Marlon Saunders, Warren Rosenstein and John Pondel.Together with some splendid guests musicians they bring you music that's alive and runs through your veins. The band describes their music as a new hybridity of modern urbans soul: a sound that incorporates downtempo grooves and acoustic R&B, with hints of bossa nova. But whatever the description , their music is something you have to hear!!

The title track is a beautiful instrumental but as soon as the first notes from the second track "All The Ways" begins you're sold. The soulful voice of Marlon Saunders embedded in the warm velvet grooves that his fellow musicians are producing is so enchanting. Pure, raw, smooth and emotional but always in control it must be a blessing to have such a voice. What you'll discover to is the saxophone played by Dave Binney on the songs "Poet's Walk and "Jonesing". Eight out of the ten tracks of Poet's Walk are written by Jazzhole.

There's also a nice interpretation of Boz Scaggs "Dirty Lowdown" on this album. A song like "The Slipping Of Time" where Marlon is only accompanied on guitar is beauty at it's best. Another element that makes this album such a nice experience to listen to is the variety in music. Moments of excitement and suspense are altered with spells of relaxation in this poetical urban music landscape.

Poet's walk might turn out to be one of those albums that is timeless.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: All The Ways, Jonesing, One More Time, The Slipping of Time, Timeless
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


James Hunter - People Gonna Talk Title: People Gonna Talk
Artist: James Hunter
Label: Rounder Records
Year: 2006
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James Hunter is his name and he probably knew that people would talk about his album so that might be the reason he called it "People Gonna Talk". If you hear the fourteen tracks on his album you'll wonder if it was Sam Cooke who have sent James to record them.

This Englishman has the style of the late great Sam Cooke, God bless his soul. The style is the sound,the melodies, the rhythm, the orchestration and ofcourse a very good voice. James Hunter is from England but you'd swear he was raised in the same places as the blues and soul and rock & roll artists of the USA. Music from the fifties and early sixties revives in the twentyfirst century.

James who plays the guitar wrote all the songs on "People Gonna Talk" and has assured himself of the support of two wonderful saxophone players. Every detail on this CD is perfect. His lyrics are those of a man with real emotions just like that of those brothers who worked on the chain gang. It's nice how James Hunter expresses his feelings in the old fashioned-way in the world of today. The tracks that rock & roll might remind you of good old Fats Domino at least if you happen to know Fats. When Fats took out his handkerchief to wipe off the sweat it was time to party to death. It's so sweet to go back dowm memory lane with "People Gonna Talk" from James.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: People Gonna Talk, No Smoke Without Fire, You Can't Win, Till Your Fool Comes Home, Mollena, I'll Walk Away, Talking 'Bout My Love
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Various artists - The Spirit of Philadelphia 2 Title: The Spirit of Philadelphia 2
Artist: Various artists
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2006
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On "The Spirit of Philadelphia vol.2" you'll find music that was not released by Philadelphia International records but by other labels that also loved the philly sound. This we read in the introduction by Ralph Tee who compiled this seventeen track album.

The O'Jays, The Trammps, The Three Degrees, Billy Paul and Harold Melvin are all exponents of the sound of Philadelphia that conquered the world in the 70's. Jimmy Ruffin and The Four Tops however are names strongly connected to Motown and yet there's a track of both of these artist to be found on this compilation which is very surprising. In music people switch to the sound that is in demand so it's not that strange to find artists experimenting with their musical styles.

The CD booklet that goes along with this album is very informative with short stories about the musicians and about the songs. If it wasn't mentioned in the booklet you would never know that the track "That's What Love Does" by Vincent Montana Jr. is from 2005 because of it's the classic philly sound. As we learn Vincent is one of the founding members of MSFB so wellknown for the philadelphia sound and that clears up the sky a lot for us.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: We Got Love, Let's Go All The Way, It' Love, Midnight Lady, Just In Time, I don't Have Time To Worry
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Hil St. Soul - Soulidified Title: Soulidified
Artist: Hil St. Soul
Label: Shanachie
Year: 2006
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Hil St Soul is solidifying her position on the soul front with the new album "Soulidified". On this twelve track album you will explore the musical identity of the band. Every track on "Soulidified" is worth to be listened to.

The band has used her creativity and artistry to the utmost to touch your musical sensors. Hil St. Soul brings you RnB, soul, hiphop soul and snippets of jazz in a variety of melodies. Hilary Mwelwa is the voice of Hil St. Soul. It's not easy to describe a voice but hers you could place somewhere inbetween the voices of Randy Crawford and Denise Williams respectively qua timbre and colour. In every song Hilary lays down the right emotion, whether it's in a hiphop soul song like "2 Good To Be True" or in a ballad e.g. "One Of A Kind".

Many times there are songs of which people only remember the melody and not the words. Well, with Hil St. Soul it's completely different because the lyrics and the music cleverly match together and make the songs a pleasant experience to hear. A song like "It's OK" is so convincing that you feel like it's about you. Same thing to say about "Hey Boy" where you really feel it to. For the lovers amongst us there's a more than romantic duet to hear when Dwele appears in "Baby Come Over". (TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Hey Boy, Goodbye, Betta Days, 2 Good To Be True, One Of A Kind
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Prince - 3121 Title: 3121
Artist: Prince
Label: Universal Records
Year: 2006
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Thirtyonetwentyone in figures "3121" is Prince's release for 2006. The twelve tracks on this album are as you might have expected all produced, arranged, composed and performed by the man himself. The texts in the accompanying CD-booklet are laden with signs of red hearts and eyes.

The theme of love and spirituality is embedded in rhythms that vary from electronic sounds to blues and soul. On eight of the twelve songs Prince plays all the instruments. On the other four songs he is assisted by musicians like Maceo Parker, Candy Dulfer and Sheila E. His protégé Tamar can be heard in "Beautiful, Loved and Blessed", which happens to be the title song from her forthcomming album. She also does some background vocals on several songs. People often expect something spectacular from a new Prince release but on this album you'll hear the man just as you know him.

A strong point of Prince is that he knows how to develop a plot in a song and build it up in an exciting manner like in "The Dance". That soul and blues are not strange to Prince he demonstrates once more in "Love"and "Satisfied". The Mexican tinged ballad "Te Amo Corazón" that sounds like a serenade is very sweet to listen to. Other songs like "Black Sweat" and "Fury" will take you back to the oldschool Prince. "The Word" and "Get On Board" lyricly refer to something spiritual but yet in a worldly beat. You might have a change to see Prince's world if you're lucky to win the competition that goes along with the release of "3121". Is this the lucky number? Anyway let us know how the party was if you were invited.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Te Amo Corazón, Love, Satisfied, The Word, The Dance
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Shanice - Every Woman Dreams Title: Every Woman Dreams
Artist: Shanice
Label: Playtyme Entertainment
Year: 2006
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The young Shanice from "I Love Your Smile" has become a mature, strong and self-confident woman as you'll find out on her latest album "Every Woman Dreams". Including the intro and outro this celebration of womanhood contains sixteen tracks.

Shanice has co-written almost all the songs and is responsible for all the vocals. She also did some co-production and is one of the executive producers of this album. Another producer and songwriter on "Every Woman Dreams" is Jamey Jazz who mainly have been active on the second half of the CD. The first part of the album contains the more worldly and danceable songs like the opener "Get Up" featuring Sheila E. and "Sexy" the follow up of the title song. Shanice calls a spade a spade in "Keep it to Yourself" and she's very clear what she is up to in "Take Care Of You".

On the second half of the album there is more space for romance and depth as you can witness on tracks like "Forever Like A Rose" and "I Can't Imagine". There is also a beautiful rendition of the Minnie Riperton classic "Loving You".

On "Every Woman Dreams" Shanice tries to capture all aspects of being a woman. A woman can be blessed with children, a good husband and treated with respect and love. Jealousy is always lurking around the corner but if a woman has found a good man her dreams come true. Girls don't settle for less.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Every Woman Dreams, Take Care Of You, That's Why I Love You, Forever Like A Rose
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Sergio Mendes - Timeless Title: Timeless
Artist: Sergio Mendes
Label: Concord Jazz
Year: 2006
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"Timeless" is the title of the latest Sergio Mendes' album. On this CD Sergio worked closely with William from the Black Eyed Peas on the production. Other artist that collaborate on this album are: Erykah Badu, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott, India.Arie and John Legend.

We all know Sergio Mendes from Brasil'66 with the evergreen "Mas Que Nada" which introduced samba music from Brasil to people all over the world. William from the Black Eyed Peas is very succesful with his own group. The Timeless CD turned up to be a marriage between the music styles both musicians are known for. A perfect example is the song "Please Baby Don't" from John Legend. Also on the track "Loose Ends" sung by Justin Timberlake you'll notice that RnB and Samba don't bite eachother. Even a Brasilian dancehall two note jazz song is born from this sound experiment mentioned earlier.

Songs like "Berimbau/Consolacao" and "Lamento (No Morro)" are traditional Brasilian songs and sound very refreshing on this album. It was very good idea to keep them tradional. Fans of India.Arie and Jill Scott will be pleased with the contribution of these soul diva's to "Timeless". William, Black Thought and Chali2na will pleasantly surprise you all in "Yes Yes Yall".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Mas Que Nada, Please Baby Don't, Samba Da Bencao, Timeless, Loose Ends, Yes Yes Yall
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Jiva - Sun & Moon Title: Sun & Moon
Artist: Jiva
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2006
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The follow up of Jiva's first release "STARS" on Giant Step Records is entitled "Sun & Moon". Just like the stars the sun and moon are heavenly bodies, the first shining by day and the latter at night. Well the Sun & Moon album from Jiva will musically light up your day and night.

Jiva is from Atlanta,GA, which seems to be a very fertile ground for sweet and high quality music. On "Sun & Moon" which contains fifteen tracks Jiva brings you a mix of samba, soul, funk, jazz and dance. Influences from Sergio Mendes' Brasil 66 and seventies soul music are cleverly combined with exciting dance music and jazzy grooves.

Bassist Khari Simmons, who also plays in India.Arie's rhythm section is the leader of the band. Their music is infectious. A song like "I Realized" will even get the lazybones on the dancefloor. If you're really lazy you can lay back imagining yourself on a Rio de Janeiro beach while enjoying "Free Falling".

Another sweet uptempo song is the title song "Sun & Moon" where it's like samba meets funk and where we hear all the singers of the Jiva; Drea Renee, Rhonda Thomas, Paige Lackey-Martin and Alex Lettimore. Super delicious is the Louie Vega Mix of Stars. The music on "Sun & Moon" feels like a natural element of mother nature meant to bring us joy.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Love Chooses Lovers, Sun & Moon, I Realized, Daydreamer, Confessions Of A Man, Stars(Louie Vega Mix)
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey - The Everyday People Project Vol.1 Title: The Everyday People Project Vol.1
Artist: Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey
Label: Expansion Records
Year: 2006
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Steve 'The Scotsman' Harvey is a household name in soul music. His name often appears as a producer of soul music on albums by the likes of The Temptations, Donnie and a whole bunch of soul artists as some of you might have noticed on the Devalicious album.

Steve's latest album is entitled "The Everyday People Project Vol.1". On this album it's Steve Harvey who invited the artists to join him in his daily work. The singers that participate on this project are: Ledisi, K.K., N'dambi, Rahsaan Patterson, Donnie, Linn Segolson, Keite Young, Storm and Pretty Terry. As every individual artist contributes to this project with his or her own quality,it results in an excellent variety of music to be heard. Nice to hear as well is the flute by Louis van Taylor on some of the tracks.

We hear soul music in a wide range and of course with a different approach by the artists. Where Ledisi shouts it out big time in the opener "I Can't Let You Go", Linn Segolson takes us on a slow ride in the beautiful ballad "Troubled Times". We hear a compassionate voice of K.K. in "Where Has The Love Gone" and sensual and husky notes sprouting from Storm's voice. Almost all the participants together with Steve took part in writing their song with N'dambi co-writing on three of the songs. Her duet with Keite Young is sublime. While soulbrother Rahsaan brings in the funk, Donnie is treating us in his own rebellious way. By the way Donnie's forthcoming album will be a Steve Harvey production as well.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I Can't Let Go, Where Has The Love Gone, I Can't Leave You Alone, Shake It Off, If We Were Alone
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Randevyn - SolTrain Title: SolTrain
Artist: Randevyn
Label: Sin.J Entertainment
Year: 2005
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Let's wake up with street soul singer Randevyn and travel along with him westbound on his musical journey in "SolTrain" his debut album. This album contains seventeen tracks including the intro, two skits and a rap version of DearFarah.

As soon as we get on board of "SolTrain" we learn in funky way way that part of Randevyn's legacy is hiphop, jazz, rap and rnb. We also notice that Randevyn is perfectly aware of what is going on in his environment and that he can capture a lot of different emotions in his songs. The key on this album is love yes, learn to love yourself. As is the case with so many great artists Randevyn must have layed his base for singing in Church. You'll come to this conclusion when you hear his wonderful gospel songs like "TruLuv" and " We Had A Talk". But gospel is only part of his legacy so we ain't going to limit him to this.

In "Streetsol:Soundtrack of the ghetto featuring Cascius and Jahalla" you'll discover a completely different side of this artist. And what about "DearFarah". This catchy rnb love song might be one of the best love songs you've heard in a long time. It's a wonderful, straight from the heart composition. Anther jewel on 'SolTrain"is the song "MissinYou", with P.J. Morton on acoustic guitar accompanying the warm but yet sugar sweet vocals from Randevyn's voice that seem to come from a higher place. Once on board of "SolTrain" you'll hope that this lovely and unforgettable ride never ends.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: SolTrain, DearFarah, Y-O-Y, MissinYou, AnothaChance, SupaNatural, We Had a Talk
© 2006, SaveOurSoul


Carl Henry - I Wish Title: I Wish
Artist: Carl Henry
Label: CeSoul
Year: 2005
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On the album "I Wish" you can have a party with Carl Henry. His music is sunny, sexy, romantic and uplifting. Carl was born in Jamaica but now Canada is his home and from there he's spreading his wings all over the world.

"I Wish" contains seventeen songs including the hits "Homies Girl" and "Bare As She Dare". The album is a mix of dancehall and RnB and includes the reggae song "Everybody" . You can compare the style of Carl Henry with that of Sean Paul, Shaggy, Elephant Man as far as dancehall is concerned. Carl's music is accessible and you can understand what he sings. With many a dancehall artists it's often difficult to follow the idiom he or she sings in.

A mixture of RnB and dancehall is not strange in the music world. Don't you remember Sean Paul singing with Blu Cantrell and Beyoncé ? Even R.Kelly has spiced up his songs with some ragga to bring that sunny feeling to them. Carl Henry brings that sunny flava too espcially with that spanish guitar in "Beautiful" and "I Wanna Know". If you want to qualify this mix of RnB and dancehall the term Urban might be the correct name to file this album. One of the sweetest songs is "I Wish" with that very catchy rhythm and those romantic lyrics.

Stand Out Tracks: Beautiful, All4 You, Homies Girl, I Wish, One More Time, I Wanna Know
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Ms. Monique - Soul Sessions Chapter I Title: Soul Sessions Chapter I
Artist: Ms. Monique
Label: Soul Entertainment
Year: 2005
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Ms. Monique is her name and her debut CD is entitled "Soul Sessions Chapter I". Besides the "Intro", the "Interlude" and the "Prayer" this album contains twelve songs. Almost all the songs have been written by Ms. Monique and Frank McKinney.

The red line on "Soul Sessions Chapter I" is "Love Therapy". In this therepy Ms Monique gives advice to women on how to threat their men and vice versa. We learn that relationships have up and downs and that sometimes a girl ends up being a "Single Mama". What we also learn is that the sex between a man and a woman has to be good. The album is adult contompary soul music with a flavour of RnB in songs like "Single Mama" and "I'm Looking For A Good Man".

The soul comes alive in sensual songs like "Lollipop", "Slow & Easy" and "You Did It To You". In all of her songs she seems to wear her heart on her sleeves. Ms. Monique has a sweet and sensual souful voice and is very convincing in the way she sings. You might immediately follow her advice. Ms.Monique follows the tradition of singers like Barbara Mason, Dorothy Moore, Betty Wright and Millie Jackson. She tells it like it is. All these women are capable to give you that soul feeling that is so typical of the warm soul sista.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Lollipop, Slow & Easy, Do You Wanna Step Wit Me, You Did It To You, Love Therapy
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Anthony Hamilton - Ain't Nobody Worryin' Title: Ain't Nobody Worryin'
Artist: Anthony Hamilton
Label: Arista Records
Year: 2005
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Anthony Hamilton's third album is entitled "Ain't Nobody Worryin'". The twelve beautiful songs on this album are produced by: Mark Batson, Raphael Saadiq, Christopher Pottinger, James Poyser, Andre Harris & Vidal Davis and last but not least Kelvin Wooten. It's necessary to mention these producers because together with Anthony they have done a great job.

There's a variety of subjects that Anthony Hamilton addresses on "Ain't Nobody Worryin'". Besides the loves songs-sung from different points of view- you'll hear songs with a critical note towards society and some deep comtemporary gospel songs. We know Anthony from his soulful RnB-songs but there's a high quality reggae surprise called "Everybody" included on this album.

Throughout the album you'll hear that Anthony Hamilton is a singer who is born and raised in the South and that he has his roots in Church. He'll bring you joy, drama, love, hope and consolation. On "Preacher's Daughter" featuring his wife Tarsha' McMillian Hamilton, it's like you hear the vicar speaking.

Anthony Hamilton's voice is gorgeous. It's dark, clear and so full of apparently real emotions which lifts him up far above the level of the average good singer. His lyrics are so cleverly chosen and combined that everyone feels what he's singing about. An example of this is the title song which is critical towards society but yet hopeful for the individual person. A song like "Pass Me Over" feels so good to the soul. Two smashing old school beauties on "Ain't Nobody Worryin'" that'll take you right down memory lane are "Never Love Again" and "Change Your world". "Ain't Nobody Worryin'" is an excellent album from a big southern Country Boy.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Southern Stuff, Can't Let Go, Ain't Nobody Worryin', The Thruth, Pass Me Over, Change Your World
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Various Artists - The Wants List Vol. 2 Title: U Don't Want My Love
Artist: Donald McCollum
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2005
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The album U Don't Want My Love from Donald McCollum, a Chicago native, contains twelve songs in a variety of genres. Three of the songs are covers. The others are composed by McCollum and one of his two German producers Rob Hardt. Harry Zier is the other producer.

In general the album breathes the atmosphere of soul music with an electronic dance dimension. The best way to judge the singer is to listen to McCollums' interpretation of the songs he has covered like: "Waiting In Vain", "Be Thankful For What You Got" and "You're My Everything". If you don't know the originals you need other means such as your feelings and emotions to form an opinion.

McCollum has a sensual voice and he knows how to bring you a sweet ballad like in "Love Will Come Along". He is very capable to get you in the groove as you'll experience in songs like "Let's Groove" and "U Don't Want My Love". Another noticeable track is the Brazilian tinged "I Wanna Love You". In between the songs you'll observe that McCollum might be a Marvin Gaye fan. Donald's music is warm, sensual and nice to dance on.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: U Don't Want My Love, Be Thankful For What You Got, Love Will Come Along, I Wanna Love You
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