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2005 | Reviews


Martha Redbone - Skintalk Title: Skintalk
Artist: Martha Redbone
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2005
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"Skintalk" is the sophomore album from Martha Redbone. Wasn't Redbone a band that had a huge hit in the early seventies with "Wounded Knee"? A song about Amerindian history ? Right!

Well, Martha's definitely part of this history being the daughter of an Native American mother and an African American father. Influences from both sides of her roots can be found in her music like in the songs "Medicine Man" and "Children Of Love". But it's not folk music Martha's making, no not at all. What you'll be listening to on Skintalk is more like funk rock & soul.

What ever the style she sings you will notice that Martha Redbone has a wonderful voice. This lady sings with her heart and soul. Together with Aaron Whitby she produced, arranged and wrote all the songs on this album. It's good to know that one of Martha's background singers is new recording artist Stephanie McKay who you might remember from her contribution on "Apothecary RX" from Carl Hancock Rux. Another familiar name on Skintalk is that of Jazzhole percussionist Daniel Sadownick.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Hard Livin', Talk About It, Skin, Atlas, God Created Woman
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Various Artists - The Wants List Vol. 2 Title: The Wants List Vol. 2
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Soul Brother
Year: 2005
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The Wants List Vol.2 is collection of rare grooves from the UK. According to the record label the album contains songs that were rediscovered in the UK Rare Grove scene from the mid 80's and later.

The tracks on the album cover the period from the early 70-ies to the early 90-ies. This means that the music will sound familiar to people who have been into soul music for a long time. Although the music might be familiar there are tracks on the album that people outside of the UK might never have heard of. This makes the "The Wants List Vol.2" a very special album. Ofcourse there are names on the album that we all know e.g. Isaac Hayes, Lou Rawls, Barbara Mason, Leon Haywood, Denise LaSalle and G.C.Cameron.

But did you know Kellee Patterson's version of Barry White's hit "I'm gonna love you just a little bit more"? And what to say about the sexy voice of Michelle Wiley in "I feel so at home here"? The ladies on this album are sensual singers. Sensual and almost erotic as well is Isaac Hayes' "A Few More Kisses", while with Leon Haywood "It's Got To Be Mellow". The contribution of G.C. Cameron might remind you of Al Green who was hot too in the 70-ies. You can also hear that The Four Flights are from the same generation as the O'Jays and that Sly, Slick & Wicked loved the Chi-lites. One of the hottest soulladies on this album is Jeanie Reynolds when she screams it out in "Unwanted Company".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Live For Love, I Feel So At Home Here, Unwanted Company, Let Me Be Your Pacifier, Heaven, It Comes To My Attention, When We're Making Love
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Don-E - Try This Title: Try This
Artist: Don-E
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2005
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If you like to try Don-E you have to "Try This" his new album. Straight from the Uk Don-E brings us London-soul Uk style. He also brings us urban history from the UK in the last track on this album. Except the track "No Reason" which he has co-written with Omar, Don-E wrote and produced all the songs on this sizzling hot urban album.

When you take a quick scan at the album the duets "Slow" with Lornette Ford and the party song "All We Need" with raps from Grimm will catch your attention. But when you really listen to the whole album you'll soon find out that there's so much more to enjoy from Don-E. His talent to arrange, produce, compose, write and sing is excellent. All this he does with a great variety that keeps your attention from the first to the last track.

While "See What I See" is an A-Capella song, heavy guitar sound will rock your soul in "How I Feel". The title song is not only a title song but a hidden track as well. If you keep listening to it you'll find out more about the music industry-Drop Records- and uk black urban history. The track "Lonely" will blow your mind away or your speakers up and in the song "Rising" you'll rise up. Track number three "Bus Stop" has an 80-ies spirit surrounding it and "Walk In My Shoes" and "I Do" have an D'Angelo feel. Don-E is broader than the UK so try him thus "Try This".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Walk In My Shoes, No Reason , Slow!, All We Need, Rising, One More Time, Let Me Be Yours, See What I See, Lonely
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Soul Project - Reconnection Title: Reconnection
Artist: Soul Project
Label: Spirit Records
Year: 2005
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Soul Project is the group of musicians that released the album "Reconnection". As the group explains they try to reconnect with sweet soul music that flourished some decades ago. All of the forteen songs on the album are original.

David Cook, Debby Dobbins, Mandyl Evans, Sonja Grier, Maria Howell, Pervis Lee, Pamela North and Daryle Ryce are the singers on the album. Maybe Daryl Ryce and Pervis Lee are the names that ring a bell because of earlier recordings.Together with Bill Bradford who wrote all music and produced the album all these artists have re-invented soul music.

Have they hired the Memphis horns to play on this project? How many hours have they listened to the soul music that came from Detroit or Philadelphia? All these questions will go through your mind when you hear the kind of blues and soul that these musicians bring. And yet there music is refreshing, sparkling and very pleasant to listen to.

The opening song "Snake in the grass" sounds like a mix of Robert Cray and Booker-T and the MG's. In "Been in the storm" it feels like Smokey Robinson has a hold on Sonja Grier. Has David Cook heard it through the grapevine. You'll discover your favourite songs Right here Right now between these forteen tracks. It might even be the instrumental Lockdown which is the last song of this reconnection.(TA)

 Stand Out Tracks: Snake In The Bag, Been In The Storm Too Long, Right Here, Right Now, Corporate Man, Love Thief, Cover Me, Law Of Love
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Soulive - Break Out Title: Break Out
Artist: Soulive
Label: Concord Records
Year: 2005
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Will the new album "Break Out" be the breakthrough album to a broader audience for Soulive? That's up for you to decide after listening to their funky soul music with strong guitar playing and a hot portion of jazz.

Soulive is formed by Neal Evans, Alan Evans and Eric Krasno together with a horn section consisting of Rashawn Ross and Ryan Zoldis. The vocalists on "Break Out" are Chaka Khan, Reggie Watts, Ivan Neville, and Corey Glover. There are fifteen tracks on the album including three interludes and four instrumentals. The music from Soulive is not soul for softies. The guys are here to play and once they got the soul engine started they keep it running until the end in interlude III. Guest musicians like Robert Randolph and percussionist Danny Sandownick fully contribute to the music.

In their guitar playing Soulive might remind you of the Isley Brothers who fully used guitars too back in the 70-ies. Another example of their love for guitar you'll hear in the beautiful cover of the 1968 version of crosstown traffic from guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. In between this funky rocking soul music you'll get some cool latin sounds as well like in the song cachaca. All the singers on the album have soulpower which is an essential part of Soulive.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Got Soul, Cachaca, Crosstown Traffic, What Can You Do, Freedom
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Charlie Wilson - Charlie, Last Name Wilson Title: Charlie, Last Name Wilson
Artist: Charlie Wilson
Label: Jive
Year: 2005
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The album "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" from Gap Band member Charlie Wilson is out. It contains twelve tracks and the executive producer is R. Kelly.

R.Kelly penned three songs and he is not the only celebrity who has worked on this album. Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake and Twista also had their contribution to this R&B album where singer songwriter Eric Roberson also co-wrote a song. If you mention one you have to metion them all so lets mention Teddy Riley as well who you might remeber from Blackstreet and Guy. The album is all R&B but that you might expect when the piped piper of R&B produces an album. The tracks "So Hot" and "Floatin'" are the uptempo songs on this album. The other tracks are sweet soulful ballads.

It wouldn't have been bad if there had been more variation in the songs. It would have made it more exciting and interesting. As Charlie Wilson is an experienced vocalist with a pleasant voice he partly compensates the lack of variety in music. A song like "Charlie, Last Name Wilson" is really outstanding. In "Thru It All" you can hear that Erro had part in composing this song which is a nice break.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Charlie Last Name Wilson, Asking Questions, What If I'm The One, Thru It All, My Guarantee
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Kem - Album II Title: Album II
Artist: Kem
Label: Motown
Year: 2005
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Album II of Kem could also have been called the love songs. It's all about love, not only between a boy and a girl but also about the love for eachother.

With his unique and beautiful dark voice Kem sings you sensual love ballads. Get Lifted is the uptempo song on this album where True love is quite rhythmically as well. It won't take long to notice that Kem is an Al Jarreau fan especially when listening to Into you. The saxophone licks on album II are lovely and so is Stevie Wonder's harmonica playing on You Might Win.

Kem will take many a person to Heaven on track two where he intensively describes how sweet is feels in that lovely place. If your into love songs and romance Kem's album II might be your guidance.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Find Your Way, Heaven, I Can't Stop Loving You, Without You, Set You Free
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Carleen Anderson - Soul Providence Title: Soul Providence
Artist: Carleen Anderson
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2005
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Carleen Anderson is back at the musical firmament with her new album "Soul Providence". You might know Carleen from the Young Disciples' hit Apparently Nothing or from her work with The Brand New Heavies in 1999 and 2000. Alberta's GrandDaughter was her first independently recorded album.

Let's get back to Soul Providence. On this album Carleen wrote all songs but one "Wanna Be Where You Are" a lovely duet with Paul Weller (Style Council).Somebody else who participates on this album is songstress Jocelyn Brown. The album is a sweet mix of different beats sometimes slow and sometimes up- and midtempo. Being the daughter of a preacherman Carleen Anderson sings some gospel in "Sweetness" and in "Salvation Is Free". The way she vocalizes the songs is very pleasant to hear and gives a deeper dimension to the already meaningful songs.

Don't think is all heavy stuff because you can swing on a funky track like "Gotta Believe In The Future" and the groovy "Whose Business". Another track to move your body on is "My Door is Open". Listening to the intro's on this album you'll definitely like them. They really add something special to the songs.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: A Different Me, Whose Business, Wanna Be Where You Are, Careful, Little Wouldn't I Do, Salvation Is Free
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Wade O. Brown - All Night, All Love Title: All Night, All Love
Artist: Wade O. Brown
Label: Groove United
Year: 2005
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Wade O. Brown brings us a lot of love and lots of soul from Canada on his brand new album "All Night, All Love". On his first album-Complete- Wado did all the work on his own. But on "All Night, All love" Wade O. Brown has worked with different producers and songwriters e.g. Cornelius C. Mims, Darryl Simmons, Dave Sereny and Gordon Chambers.

As Wade O. Brown is a musician who likes a top-notch orchestration and a good production you might be sure that he surrounded himself with people that have the same aspirations. If you really like great soulful singers Wado's new album is a must. His voice will remind you of artists that can really sing and have their own style like The O'Jays, Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass and Jeffrey Osbourne. His music however is music from today.

A song like About Her can easily challenge songs in today's top ten r&b and soul charts. Another track on All Night, All Love which is remarkable is Wholeheart while the title track itself is so sweet to dance on. Wholeheart is remarkable because the instrumentation representing the heartbeat is very cleverly found. It demonstrates creativity.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: About Her, Put This On, All Night, All Love, Just Good Friends, Where Do We Go For Love, Best Of My Love
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Laurneá - I Remember Title: I Remember
Artist: Laurneá
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2005
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Laurnea's "I remember" has finally been realesed in Europe and the UK. It contains two more tracks than it's Japanese release from 2003; Free your mind and Sunshine. Free your mind is definitely a nice bonus track.

Besides singing and writing Laurneá also produces, engineers and sometimes plays all the instruments on her songs. On this album she has the support of soul sisters India.Arie and Angela Johnson. With Angela she worked on the fantastic song No Shame while with sister India.Arie she co-wrote the songs Run Away and the splendid Doin'It for me. Laurnea has her own particular style of music. Sometimes she shouts it out and at times she brings it very sweet and sensual. There is something mystical maybe even mysterious that keeps you listening to Laurneá's music. You'll always wonder what the next song will be like. Is it that she's trying to explore human nature? Our mind, our lust? About one thing there's no mystery, the subjects she sings about you'll surely remember.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Ain't Nothing Wrong, Doin'It For Me, Trash, Run Away, No Shame, Free Your Mind
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Anthony David -  3 Chords & The Truth Title: 3 Chords & The Truth
Artist: Anthony David
Label: Brash Music
Year: 2004
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3 Chords & The Truth is the debut album from Anthony David. The album contains 14 songs including the remix of GA Peach. With exception from the reggae song 50/50 Love the album is pure soul music.

In a passionate and compelling way Anthony plays the guitar chords and tells his truth. Anthony's songs about life and love and about the Krooked Kop are items we all can relate to. When listening to the Spittin' Game your temperature might pleasantly rise while Krooked Kop will make your blood boil. It's cleaver how Anthony David has packed these steamy and hot emotions in an album that is so very cool. Yes in the first track it looks like life has just begun and the world has just been created it feels supernatural and fresh. Georgia girls look out now because guys from all over the world now know how sweet the Peach is.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Yes, Cold Turkey, Spittin'Game, GA Peach, Believe me, Ain't Enough For Me, Part of My Life
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Marlon Saunders - A Groove So Deep: The Live Sessions Title: A Groove So Deep
Artist: Marlon Saunders
Label: Black Honey Records
Year: 2005
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A Groove So Deep: the live sessions is Marlon Saunders' second solo album. His first critically acclaimed album "Enter My Mind" was realeased in 2003. A Groove So Deep is a selection of live recordings where Marlon and his band Mood Control go as deep into the groove as their musical spirits and wits take them. And that's very deep in the heritage of black music.

A Groove So Deep contains thirteen tracks full of jazz, soul, funk and emotions. Five of them you'll recognize from "Enter My Mind" while Love Philosophy has previously been recorded with Jazzhole.The track Declaring Love might remind some of you of a superb edition of Soul and The City ,a column Marlon writes for, which also has a spoken version for the radio broadcast. The power and at the same time the magic of A Groove So Deep is that it creates the feeling that Marlon and his wonderful musicians of Mood Control are giving a private concert, because you do not hear a screaming live audience on this CD.The only one(s) screaming and singing along will be you and your company while listening to these live sessions.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Afro Blue My Mind, I Wanna Get Next To You, The Beginning Of Never, A Groove So Deep, Love Philosophy, Declaring Love, Inspiration, Coolin'
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

George Duke - Duke Title: Duke
Artist: George Duke
Label: Dôme Records
Year: 2005
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Duke is the title of the latest George Duke album. We know George Duke as a singer, producer, songwriter, pianoplayer, keyboardist you name it and George can do it. At the time of this review it's two weeks ago that George Duke put on stage a brilliant show at the NorthSeaJazz festival 2005 in the Hague. The Duke still has it.

On his new albums you will find eleven songs including a track that's eighteen minutes and twenty-six seconds long. On this track you can hear Sheila E. and Airto Moriera perfom together as special guests. Other guests musicians on the latest Duke album are Rachelle Ferrell, Jonathan Butler and Eric Benet. It's a pleasant album to listen to because all of the artist participating on this project have great musical skills and it's produced by George Duke himself. The voices of the artists on this album are mostly used as a supplement to complete the whole music composition. The result of this is very good.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I wanna Know, Superwoman, No One, Somebody's Body, Sausalito, In Between The Heartaches
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Angela Johnson - Got To Let It Go Title: Got To Let It Go
Artist: Angela Johnson
Label: Dôme Records
Year: 2005
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The new solo album from musician Angela Johnson is called Got to let it go.It's the follow up of her debut solo album "They Don't Know". When talking about Angela Johnson you speak about a musician because Angela has written, arranged and produced all the 12 songs on Got to let it go herself.

Everything you look for in music is here to find on this beautiful album. Besides Angela's magnificent voice you'll hear a pleasant variety of music. Deep soul, funk, jazz, latin jazz brouhgt to you in mid-and up-tempo grooves with great musicianship are the ingredients for this album. Angela has the touch for music just like Al Green and Aretha Franklin have, yes she is from a high soul calibre. Horn, strings, trumpet and violins together with Johnson's voice are sure to give you that great feeling u look for in soul music when you listen to I'll Always. It wouldn't be fair to emphasize too much on soul because listening to Eary Bird you'll notice that jazz brings Angela a lot of joy and that she's more than mediocre in this discipline as well. And what about All I Need it's such a sweet rhythm to dance to the music. If you like the funk you will surely find that in Where's the Love. It's so nice to listen to the flute-Monét/Schwarz Bart- and percussionist Ernesto Abreu on this album.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Anything, I'll Always, All I Need, You're Here With Me, Early Bird, Where's The Love
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Martin Luther - Rebel Soul Music Title: Rebel Soul Music
Artist: Martin Luther
Label: Rebel Soul Records
Year: 2004
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He's a rebel. Martin Luther McCoy. His second CD Rebel Soul Music can be classified as funk, rock, soul. The album starts off with Daily Bread which has been a single. It's a great opening track. This is a song that could have easily been recorded by Andreus. Martin sings about San Francisco, California, in Home. His lyrics are sharp, he adresses issues such as today's society, drugs, poverty, violence. It's not all heavy stuff though. There is the sexy Truth Or Dare, with some beautiful guitars and the lovely sounding Ms. Tracy Bartlow. Van Hunt is one of today's artists that uses guitars and makes rock soul, but Martin is more a mixture of Prince, Jimmy Hendrix, Marvin Gaye all mixed up. Even most of the rocking songs have an old school feeling.

Vocaly Martin Luther is as diverse as his music. There are beautiful harmonies in Rise, sometimes his voice sounds raw like a blues singer, other times he lets himself go completely in e.g. Ms. America. This absolutely fantastic track also features Martin's mum Opal McCoy. Be sure to listen good to the lyrics of this song, they are GREAT. Martin's mum is not the only relative that is on this album. In the song Prodigal Sun you can hear his father Harold J. McCoy Senior. George Clinton aka Dr Funkenstein makes a vocal cameo on Sleep Walking. After a lot of rocky songs suddenly there comes the sweet and beautiful Muse Sick Dreamz and NYCG.

Martin rocks!!!(RJ)

Stand Out Tracks: Daily Bread, Rise, Ms America, Growing Pains, NYCG, Muse Sick Dreamz
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Ola Onabule -  In Emergency, Brake Silence Title: In Emergency, Brake Silence
Artist: Ola Onabule
Label: Rugged Ram Records
Year: 2004
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From the first till the last song on this album you'll notice that Ola Onabule is a singer. Whether the notes are low or high he's perfectly holding them. All the songs on In Emergency. Brake Silence has been written, arranged and produced by Ola. This means that you'll get a good idea of what Ola'stands for.

When you listen to Ola Onabule you'll directly link hem with great artists like the O'Jays, and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes who could also sing with this tremendous energy. There's a kind of suspence in his songs that keeps you listening. Also some elements in his musical approach might remind you of George Benson. It's not easy to define Ola's music as a particular genre. It's melodious and soulful and at the same time rock and pop as well. In a song like Alive Tonight you feel the African rhythm mixing with western influences.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Soul town, Head Of Lead, Alive Tonight, Need To Know, Enough
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists - This Is Soul 2005 Title: Verve Remixed3
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Verve
Year: 2005
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Verve remixed3 is the third album in a series where DJ's and producers have remixed jazz classics. Great singers like Nina Simone, Shirley Horn, Astrud Gilberto and Dinah Washington are all in the remix.

DJ's and producers like Postal Service, Sugardaddy, Brazilian Girls and RJD2 have used their talents and skills to convert jazz classics into contemporary dance music. Jazz and dance are terms that also in the past have been related to eachother. But what you'll hear on this album is more like jazz and contemporary dance beats creatively brought together. All the songs have been remixed in a very special way that'll never offend the real jazz lovers. There's a very big chance that you might even like, but most of all appreciate what this new generation of beat-makers have achieved by remixing these lovely jazz classics. You have to hear it for yourself.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Little Girl Blue, Speak Low, Come Dance With Me, Peter Gunn, Lilac Wine, Come Dance With Me
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists - This Is Soul 2005 Title: This Is Soul 2005
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Soul Brother Records
Year: 2005
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This Is Soul 2005 is a fantastic collection of sweet soul music from today's soul artist generation. On this album you can listen to sixteen different artists who all have in common the love for soul music. In their own style these singers take you to another level in soul music with their lyrics, their musicality and their love for this beautiful art.

The opening track If from Heston is great and sets the standard for the rest of the album. From one sweet surprise you fall into another when u hear Trace Ellington who sings Let Love In followed by the hot samba soul of the charming Adriana Evans in Remember The Love. Oh how lovely is Antoinique with those sweet jazzy vocals in Fell In Love. If that isn't enough you can get deeper into the groove with Monet, Conya Doss, Swamp82 featuring Nina Provencal, Rhian, Emerald Jade, Alison Crokett, Maya Azucena, Yewande and sweet Kofy Brown. There's more to lick your fingers off and sweeten your ears with the organic soul of Marlon Saunders in Love Serenade and the silky and dark soul grooves from Geno Young and Myron.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: If, Let Love In, Remember The Love, Fell in Love, Ivory Moon, You Know What Happens, Like No Other, Love Serenade, Honeydew
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Lina - Save Your Soul, Vol. 1 - Special Edition 2-Disk Set Title: Save Your Soul, Vol. 1 - Special Edition 2-Disk Set
Artist: Lina
Label: MoodStar Recordings
Year: 2005
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Many talented artists are to be found on this double disk set called:"Lina presents....Save Your Soul Vol.1". Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Rock are the genres that appear on the first disc of this double CD with twenty tracks. Artists like Travis, Sajai, Braille Method, Hipnogaja, Caprisha, Venus, Lex Dirty, Orgone and Joey participated in this project.

The second disk contains six tracks from the forthcoming album "The Inner Beauty Movement " from Lina. This album will be in stores in spring 2005. Lina is a singer and songwriter who'll surely attrack your attention. She has the feel for the melodies, the rhythms and the words. With her sometimes kind of husky voice Lina might remind you those great ladies of jazz, but she also easily switches to soul, hip hop or pop. Some tinges in her music arouse the feeling that she might have some old records of Doctor Buzzard's Original Savannah Band or some Kid Creole stuff in her record collection.

Anyway it's very refreshing to hear the music of Lina that you'll look forward to the full album on which you'll hear Anthony Hamilton's voice as well.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks disc1: Over Me, Ghetto Tactics, Dough, Do you Remember, Flow Like A River, Misfits,Is You Is
Stand Out Tracks disc2: Hope Wish & Pray, On My Own, Viola, Inner Beauty
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Will Preston - It's My Will Title: It's My Will
Artist: Will Preston
Label: West King
Year: 2005
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The debut release from Will Preston entitled It's My Will is all about love and romance. Happiness, joy and pain all these emotions are to be found on this twelve track album. Will has the quality to put the right emotions in the notes he holds.

On this smooth R&B album It's Real is the only uptempo track. The other tracks are soulful ballads including a duet with Leila. Will Preston has a pleasant voice to listen to and you'll understand every word he sings. On this testimony of love which It's My Will really is there are beautiful lyrics. Will did a lot of the writing himself on this album that is produced by Bobbi "Funkeeboy" Tammaro. The warm voice of Will Preston will sometimes bring in mind the guys from Boyz II Men with those sweet harmonious voices.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: My Love, Queen, We should Have Stayed, It's Real, If Love Says So.
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Tok Tok Tok - About... Title: About...
Artist: Tok Tok Tok
Label: BHM
Year: 2005
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You'll have a good start with About... the latest album from German based Tok Tok Tok if you like sensitive, pure and clear music.

This group is famous for the acoustic soul it makes and you'll soon find out why when you listen to their music.The ingredients of their music are tenor/soprano saxophone, mouth drums, fender rhodes and ofcourse the beautiful voice of songstress Tokunbo Akinro.

When Tokunbo sings about the train that takes her to the quiet place in your heart she'll definitely conquer your heart. It's so nice to hear songs that have a meaning and engagement but still leaving space for great interpretations by the musicians. The songs are about things and situations ordinary people can relate to e.g. racism, responsibilty, relationships, self confidence and our dreams. You surely have to listen to Little Lullaby and the funky All I Ask two songs with such a nice contrast in emotions and in moods.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: About, The Quiet Place, Don't Go Away, All I Ask
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Val Watson - Live At The Funk Lounge Title: Live At The Funk Lounge
Artist: Val Watson
Label: 215
Year: 2005
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Urbalites,trendsetters and funkateers the new album from soulsister Val Watson is here! With support from Bootsy Collins and George Clinton we hear Val Watson "Live at the Funk Lounge". You all get yo groove on because Val has the funk.

Including the introduction the album consists of thirteen funky tracks, where track two up to track seven are the live sessions. They are as enjoyable as the other other tracks on the album. This all because of Val watson who is keeping it real and keeping it funky with her sensuous and mighty soulful voice. Val is definitely enjoying the company of the greatest in funk history.

With contributions by Bootsy Collins,Marcus Johnson & the Earth,Wind and Fire Horn section and George Clinton this is an album is one you got to have in your collection. Val Watson was once part of Club Nouveau.Now Val Watson has conquered a place between the V-Boppers and Fingerpoppers. Soulsister Val Watson is funking for the real and that's something you undoubtedly feel "Live at The Funk Lounge".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Alright, The Real(Do-Do)(B Movement Remix), The Wind Cries Mary, Wind Me Up (Wiggle, Wiggle Remix), V-Boppers & Fingerpoppers:"Where u B?"
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Mark De Clive-Lowe - Tide's Arising Title: Tide's Arising
Artist: Mark De Clive-Lowe
Label: ABB Soul
Year: 2005
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Mark de Clive-Lowe is the producer and you'll hear him on keys, bass and drums on Tide's Arising. This is an album that will surely do well in the club scene and make u drive faster on the highway. The pulsating mix of jazz and dance beats will make you move your feet anytime you hear them. Between the uptempo songs on this album you find some nice and slower soulful grooves. You can also do your latin thing on the rhythm of 4.Y.V. with the flute of Nathan Haines.

The most soulful songs on Tide's Arising are Quintessential featuring Abdul Shyllon and Heaven featuring Bembé Segué. The different voices and different sounds and the way they are woven together and wrapped up in the funky electric heavy beats will definitely take you to outerspace. From time to time you'll really take a trip as the tide arise whether it's on earth in your bed or in heaven.The outro on this track is hidden.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Slide, Quintessential, Heaven, 4.Y.V.
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Conya Doss - Just Because Title: Just Because
Artist: Conya Doss
Label: Dome
Year: 2005
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Just Because is the second album of Conya Doss. It's an album you'll feel because of those soulful emotions the songs carry within them. The background vocals, the instrumentation, everything fits so well with Conya Doss' soulful voice. But how does she sounds like? Well she has that dark groove of Angie Stone, Lauren Hill and other soulladies but with her own flavour.

Conya Doss had more than a hand in all of the songs by producing or co-producing and by writing or co-writing. The album contains eleven songs. Two songs Conya produced together with singer/songwriter Myron but most of them with Rodney Jones. Futher there's a duet with Chris McNeal entitled The Wind. The bass plays an essential role on this lovely album.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Just Because, Sixth of June(miracle), Damn That, The Wind
© 2005, SaveOurSoul

Vicki Anderson - Mother Popcorn Title: Mother Popcorn
Artist: Vicki Anderson
Label: Soul Brother Records
Year: 2004
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As the title says the album is an anthology of Vicki Anderson. Vicki has been singing with James Brown from 1965 to 1968 and from 1969 until 1972. Songs from these periods are on this album. Also there's one song Vicki recorded with Bossa Nostra from Italy in 1994.

Vicki recorded these songs with the Famous Flames and the JB's so it's funky. There are two duets with Mr.Dynamite the Godfather of soul on this album and a duet with her husband Bobby Byrd. This album is a document of time. Songs like "You send Me" and "Think" take u way back to the roaring sixties. It's a sentimental journey if you were a teen in that period. If you're in your late twenties and early thirties now and you listen to this album you'll hear the sound your mom and dad danced on at least if they were soulfans. By the way Vicki Anderson is the mom of Carleen and Jhelisa.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: I'm Too Tough for Mr.Big Stuff, Think, Once You Get started, Wide Awake In A Dream, You've Got The Power
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Jahah - MamasOnlySon Title: MamasOnlySon
Artist: Jahah
Label: BZ70 Publishing
Year: 2005
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"MamasOnlySon" is Jahah's latest album and many a mama and papa would be proud of such a talented son. On this album jahah displays an enormous notion of black music history.Intelligently, humorously and above all with great skills he uncovers music that has been hidden for a large probably young audience much too long.

Rhtythm and blues, soul and hip-hop come alive when J.Berry is on the Mic.MamasOnlySon has a unique voice and he knows how to use it, whether he's mc'ing or singing a hearfelt soul song. Although Jahah lives here and now artists like The Chi-lites,The O'Jays and The Stylistics have no secrets for him. There are seventeen tracks on "MamasOnlySon" which you'll like to hear over and over again. The songs vary from sweet party songs like "Tonight" to honest soul as in "Back in the day", sweet rhythm and blues in "Gone" and ofcourse hip-hop in "No time to front".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: All I Need, Official, Oooh, Here We Are Again, Gone,It's For You,Back In The Day
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Various Artists - Chicago Soul Sessions Volume 1 Title: Chicago Soul Sessions Volume 1
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Listen Up Records
Year: 2005
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Cherisse, Kevin Chandler Band, McKenzie Burns Project, Kaialexander, Teddy Austin and Chester Greogory are the featured artists on the album "Chicago souls Sessions Volume I". Each artist performs two tracks on this excellent album.

It's a pleasure to listen to this collection of soul, funk and jazz by Chicago's underground artists. The deep dark voice of Cherisse, the amazing vocals of Chester Gregory and the infectious funk of Teddy Austin-he must be a fan of AL Jarreau- are a blessing to the ear. And there's more to come!


The hot soulful bossa nova track "Brazilian Love Affair" from the McKenzie Burns Project and the sizzling soul from the Kevin Chandler Band in "Gilding The Lily" will give you a sweet sensation. You'll also enjoy the instrumentals from Kaialexander.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Gilding The Lily, Eye No, Kunfuezd, When Ya Lovin Me,Brazilian Love Affair, Under Stand

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Gordon Chambers - Introducing Gordon Chambers Title: Introducing... Gordon Chambers
Artist: Gordon Chambers
Label: ChamberMusic
Year: 2004
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He penned songs for Whitney, Anita, Usher, Beyonce and the smash hit "No More Rain" for Angie Stone. Now he's introducing himself to the world with his debut album "Introducing... Gordon Chambers". The album contains twelve soulful compositions starting with the contagious "Touch you there" and ending with a love serenade in "The Only One".

It's a very romantic album that breathes a positive atmosphere which also can be found in the song "Always be proud". You notice that Gordon is a Jazz and Bossanova lover as well as a passionate soulbrother. Listening to him will bring in mind some of the great soulsingers like Jeffry Osborne (O'Jays,LTD), James Ingram and the musical wit of George Benson.

One thing you'll certainly get aware of when listening to Gordon Chambers is the dedication he has for his art. Glad to know you Gordon Chambers(TA).

Stand Out Tracks: Touch You There, Never Fall In Love, Slippin'Away, Be Happy, I'll Miss You Most, My Valentine, I Apologize
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Trina Broussard - Same Girl Title: Same Girl
Artist: Trina Broussard
Label: Motown
Year: 2004
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How sweet it is to listen to the debut album of Trina Broussard. It is entitled "Same Girl", but will things ever be the same for Trina? One thing that'll surely change is that Trina will gather lots of fans around her with this album. Besides the joy that Trina's sweet voice will give you you'll enjoy the art of producers; Jamey Jaz, Steve "The Scottsman" Harvey, Commissioner Gordon and last but not least of Trina herself. You might be glad to hear that Rahsaan Patterson and Van Hunt have also contributed to this beautiful CD.

Trina Broussard's approach of the songs might remind you of Oleta Adams. Yes,Trina really is a songstress. A spicy ingredient on this album are the flutes in "Lies" by Robert Aaron and in "Dreaming of One" by Louis Van Taylor. "No Way Out" the last song on this album has the musicality of Sly and The family Stone's big hit "Family Affair". "Losing My Mind" is a brilliant song with superb vocal arrangements by Trina, Rahsaan Patterson and Jamey Jaz. Trina you might be the "Same GirL" but it's a pleasure to know you.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: These Are The Days, Dreamin'Of One, Losing My Mind, Out/Gone, Thinkin'Boutcha, Lies, No Way Out

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