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2004 | Reviews


Cooly's Hot Box - Don't Be Afraid Title: Don't Be Afraid
Artist: Cooly's Hot Box
Label: Dome
Year: 2004
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Angela Johnson and John Christian Urich are Cooly's Hot Box. Their latest album is entitled "Don't Be Afraid". Johnson and Urich wrote all the lyrics themselves and also produced the songs. The album is an overall funky production with both the artists singing lead and background vocal.

"Don't Be Afraid" is the very catchy starter of the album. When it starts it sounds a little bit like "Freddy´s Dead" from Curtis Mayfield. The uptempo "Get On" is really nice to listen to as well as "Are We Lovers Anymore".

If you are into house and dance you might like "Touch My Body".There' some lovely conga playing on this track by Daoud Delgato. "Time2B in love" will definately draw your attention. For a few seconds you'll think that you've heard it before, but where? The most beautiful backing vocals you will hear on "After life".(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Are We Lovers Anymore, Maybe-I, Time2B In Love, Lose Your Friends

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Jennifer Johns - Heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop Title: Heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop
Artist: Jennifer Johns
Label: Nayo Movement Music / Collectiv Records
Year: 2004
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The debut album from Jennifer Johns is called "Heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop". The title is telling you something about the music you're going to hear.Almost all melodies and lyrics are from Jennifer Johns herself.

The junglehop-the last word of the title- is introduced to you from the first track till the forth, with an exception on track 3 where you'll hear a lot of guitar playing.The opening track "Heavy" contains some freaking yet soulful eastern rhythms and beats.

The Electromagnetic sound is spread over the entire album. Track nine might really set you on "Fire". The song called "The Truth" has an infectious dancehallsoul refrain. The soularpoetic part of the album starts on "Never Give Up", while the hidden track featuring Ayinde Howell is sensual and deep.It is sweet to listen to this album because of it's originality.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: Heavy, Never Give Up, Fire, Afraid Of Me

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Michaux - Just Michaux Title: Just Michaux
Artist: Michaux
Label: MX Records
Year: 2004
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The debut album from Michaux is called "Just Michaux". It's a funky and soulful album with an r&b flavoured track called "Hey Girl/Hey Playa" and a rap on "Necessary Truth". Most distinctive on this album however are the lyrics. They are about religion.Michaux testifies of his love for the Lord and brings this message in a soulful and funky style. This is done very clever because when listening to the songs you'll never get the idea that you're forced to change from a sinner to a believer. He leaves it all up to you.

Sometimes Michaux's singing might bring in mind Christopher Cross. A little more variety in the the melodies would not have been bad.(TA)

Stand Out Tracks: All I Need, Hey Girl/Playa, Toni, Payment, Necessary Truth

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Dennis Taylor - Smile The Best Of Title: Smile The Best Of
Artist: Dennis Taylor
Label: Jazz FM
Year: 2004
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At the end of a year, many greatest hits and best of compilations are being released. Dennis Taylor puts a the best of package together. Best of's are questionable, because who says these are his best tracks?

The opening track Smile coming from his first album Enough Is Enough starts of this compilation good. A pleasant dance track. There are quite a few dance tracks on this 16 track compilation album. Dennis approaches a lot of his songs vocally the same. That may be his trademark, but when he is doing his duet with Beverlei Brown on Could Be You his vocals become even better. This track which has not been released on a previous Dennis Taylor album is only one of the highlights. Beverlei and Dennis blend together very well.

There are some covers on this album. Angel, which was an originally recorded by Anita Baker and Love Need And Want You, a hitsingle for Patti Labelle, although a lot of people will recognize Dillema by Nelly and Kelly Rowland in this song.

The whole CD is very diverse though. Fills Me Up (NJ Remix) sounds surprisingly as a euro dance hit smash. Don't Wanna give You Up is a smooth slow cut. The final track Feelin' Good is very romantic.

All 16 tracks are well deservedly featured on this album, however if you want all of Dennis' best tracks you will have to get his three previous albums as well.(RJ)

Stand Out Tracks: Steppin', Could Be You (with Beverlei Brown), Don't Wanna Give You Up, Want, Love Need And Want You, Fills Me Up

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Groove Stu - Authentic 4.10 Sessions Title: The Real Thing
Artist: Avani
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2004
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The music industry is full of surprises. A nice surprise is songstress Avani from the UK. Her debut album is entitled "The Real Thing". It's a collection of soulful rnb songs. Yes Avani's got soul!

As soon as she hums you into the first track of the album you'll acknowledge the soulpower of her voice. It's not easy to describe a voice. You have to hear it, but Avani's has a distinctive voice. It's sensual, full of emotions and dark. In spite of her originality Avani might sometimes remind you of Esther Phillips, Randy Crawford and Macy Gray but also of the soulful-gospel voice of the likes of Aretha Franklin.

Lover's Theme is such a sweet song in the soulful tradition of the great soulsingers, while on the uptempo rnb flavoured Heads Up you can party all night long. The opening track Don't U Worry is a very catchy song that'll touch you straight to the heart. Together with soulbro' Rahsaan Patterson and Carl McIntosh, Avani takes you to a more melodic kind of soul music in Watching You.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Don't U Worry, 2 Luv U, The Waiting's Over, Lover's Theme, Phoenix(Rise Up)

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Groove Stu - Authentic 4.10 Sessions Title: Authentic 4.10 Sessions
Artist: Groove Stu
Label: Soul Theory
Year: 2003
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Groove Stu is a band from Baltimore. The group consists of six young men and a young lady. They have a beautiful album out now called "Authentic 4.10 Sessions". The last track is a vivid dancehall freedom song.

When you start listening to the album you might think you'll hear a lot of hiphop and rap songs. But pretty soon you'll find out that you're wrong because in spite of the RnB grooves of Gone4Good and Ummm the rest of the album is pure solid soul. You'll definitely enjoy the lovely and bright voice of songstress Tiffany Countess. It's all surrounded by the warm and dark sound of producers Groove Stu and Demitri McDaniel. While dreaming away with Tiffany you'll discover that Earth Wind & Fire and The Isley Brothers are some of Groove Stu's idols. What you also will discover is the voice of Omar Sharif. What a blessing for the band to have these two wonderful singers.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Curiosity, I don't Know, Anything, Am I Dreaming, Something

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Various Artists -  Cafe De Soul Volume 5 Title: Cafe De Soul Volume 5
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Cafe De Soul
Year: 2004
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Cafe de Soul volume 5 is a wonderful collection of modern soul music. This album contains 16 tracks and you'll certainly will embrace the majority of songs you hear. Smooth silky soul, funk, a snippet of gospel, beautiful ballads, it's all present.

Sweet female voices will make you dream away, while groovy beats will make you dance. When Love Calls from Lauren is so sweet that you'll immediately answer. Felicia Adams somehow will remind you depending on your age or your soul repertoire of the good times with the BB & Q-Band when you listen to No One Else.

The male singers are represented very good too by swinging Phil Perry, Grainger and Hofstone.

But male and female together can take music lovers to another level as well as Juliette Leon and Myron demonstrates in Two Hearts.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Southern Groove, Right Here Right Now, Always Love, When Love Calls, No One Else

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Kofy Brown - Love Warrior Title: Love Warrior
Artist: Kofy Brown
Label: Soul Brother Records
Year: 2004
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Love Warrior is the title of this sweet Kofy Brown album. With her band Kofy Brown is searching for love, honesty, and a meaningful life. The songs are packed in a variation of catchy soulful melodies sometimes slow and sometimes fast with the power of a hurricane.

Kofy Brown will rock you and make you swing on a funky beat. You'll surely notice that the KBB (Kofy Brown Band) is a mature band with lots of experience in music and life. With her soulful and convincing voice Kofy has documented the time we live in when she sings about Bush going to war and waisting the lives of innocent people in "Walking Out Of Time". This song breathes the atmosphere of the great Temptations song "Papa was a Rolling Stone". Another heartfelt song is "All That She Could Say".

But don't think it's all war and sorrow on this album. "I Like It"and "Make Fun" will let you open yourself to the feel good and so will "Wanna Luv You". Hey, there's a hidden track out there you have to find it!(TA)

Stand out tracks: Wanna Luv U, Fly Away, I Like It, Walking Out Of Time, All She Could Say, Just Another Day.

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

The Kendall Leonard Project Title: The Kendall Leonard Project
Artist: Kendall Leonard
Label: Tha Corporation
Year: 2004
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Kendall Leonard releases his album shortly after Mia Miatta's CD Urban Arias which he produced. On this CD all songs except one were composed, arranged and performed by Kendall. There are some guests like Brother Scott, Clay Turner and Ms. Tanya Lemaitre.

This project by Kendall Leonard provides a variety of jazz and soul in different mixtures. The opening track Memories is a jazzy song which is followed by "Are You Ready" that's a romantic duet with Tanya Lemaitre. There is also some funky stuff with "New Thing".

Kendall's voice is very soulful. One of the highlights is "Love Is A Remedy", which reminds you a bit of a Peabo Bryson ballad. The diversity of the songs is one of the things that makes this CD so pleasant to listen to. All songs have in common that they are very melodic and very smooth sounding. (RJ)

Stand out tracks: Love Is A Remedy, Are You Ready?, Spring Time, You Boo?

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Alison Crockett -  On Becoming A Woman Title: On Becoming A Woman
Artist: Alison Crockett
Label: Sol Image
Year: 2004
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On Becoming A Woman is an overall very sweet album to listen to and it breathes an intimate atmosphere. Alison has sung all the lead and background vocals herself which is a wonderful job. The album is a mixture of jazz and nu soul with a kind of slumbering drum and base rhythm that really rouses in "Oil & Water". The opening track "Save Me" has a kind of gospel feel , while the the last track "Nappy" is pure funky soul.

In between these tracks you'll find a lovely interpretation of "When I Think Of You" and the sensual "You Know What Happens". "Like Rain" is another track where you hear Alison's fully potential as a singer and songwriter. Yes Alison wrote all but one of the eleven songs on "...On Becoming A Woman" herself.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Save Me, UR, You Know What Happens, Like Rain, Nappy

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Felicia Adams - Read My Lips Title: Read My Lips
Artist: Felicia Adams
Label: Cafédesoul
Year: 2004
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Café de Soul presents Felicia Adams with Read My Lips. Felicia's style can be described as smooth R&B with soul. Read My Lips starts with "I love You (Interlude)" and get's you back to the eighties with "Share My Love". This is not the only song that is influenced by the 80's. The very danceable "No One Else" could have easily come from that period. It's a track that should do well in clubs. There is a variety of smooth r&b, sultry ballads and up-tempo songs on this album.

All songs were co-written by Felicia Adams with producer Christopher Liggio. On "You" Dave Hollister worked together with them "You" is one of the two songs Felicia did for the Baby Boy soundtrack. The track is very radio friendly and should do well as a single.

Felicia's vocal range is wide. She can get those high notes as well as sounding very dark and low. Because of her vocal range the ballads and slow r&b jams don't just all sound the same. Finally Felicia is able to showcast her talents where she is the singer/songwriter instead of the backing vocalist.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: You, Hello, No One Else, Believe

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Carl Hancock Rux - Apothecary RX Title: Apothecary RX
Artist: Carl Hancock Rux
Label: Giant Step Records
Year: 2004
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Carl Hancock Rux's sophomore CD on the Giant Step Label is a blessing for music lovers and poetry fans. The album is entitled "Apothecary RX" and will leave you speechless as you sharpen your ear to listen. You'll play it over and over again to convince yourself that you're not dreaming and that creativity still exists in the music business.

Carl seems to combine the classic sound heritage with nowadays big city sounds. Rux is a newyorker but his soothing and sometimes rebellious voice has the calibre of one of the most remarkable voices in modern Black American history. He'll definitely remind you of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Rux's rich and melodic voice rocks over a musical mosaic of the Jimi Hendrix and Jethro Tull legacy to come to full glory in a black gospel environment. Listening to Carl Hancock Rux you'l sometimes imagine your in church, theater, Soho, The Village or wayback in the cotton fields. Gospel, hiphop, jazz, rock and indigenous world beats are parts of Rux musical ingredients. With Rux you travel from past to future from the top of Golgotha to the urban areas of Harlem or Bombay. He'll literally take you anywhere.(TA)

Stand out tracks: I Got A Name, Me, Eleven More Days, Fanon, Lamentations, Apothecary Song

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Adriana Evans - Nomadic Title: Nomadic
Artist: Adriana Evans
Label: Next Thing Entertainment
Year: 2004
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As Adriana Evans explains in the intro of "Nomadic" to us she loves samba, afrocuban music, rock, blues and African music. In other words she's a musical nomad. On her album "Nomadic" you hear her great soulful voice singing over a hot blend of all these rhythms she mentioned.

You'll even discover that Adriana Evans can sing jazz as well when you listen to "Morning Light".
"Former self" is another fascinating track with some reggae ingredients packed in solid soul. In "7 Days" Adriana's gorgeous voice rocks over these heavy soaring guitars to bring you an overwhelming musical highlight. Isn't it the sound of a steelpan we hear in the beautiful "I Hear Music" ?

You'll never forget the hot samba soul Adriana Evans gives to you in "Remember Love". In fact you'll remember most the songs on "Nomadic" because Adriana is here to stay.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Remember Love, Cold As Ice, Something, I Had A Dream, 7 Days, I Hear Music, Former Self

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Rahsaan Patterson - After Hours Title: After Hours
Artist: Rahsaan Patterson
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2004
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After a wait of 5 years the new much anticipated new CD from Rahsaan Patterson is released. The waiting was more than worth it, because the third release of Rahsaan is one of the best albums to see the light of day this year. You'll see 11 tracks on the cover, but there is a hidden track after track 11 called "Let's Straighten It Out".

Rahsaan worked on "After Hours" with Van Hunt, Steve "Silk" Hurley, Jamey Jaz. This may be one of the reasons why it has become such a diverse CD. Alternating danceable songs like "So Hot" and "The One For Me" and beautiful ballads like "The Best" and "Don't Run So Fast", where all vocals are by Rahsaan himself. Then suddenly there's the haunting "Yeah Yeah Yeah", which shows a total different Rahsaan. With "After Hours" Rahsaan shows even more aspects of his personality than on his previous two efforts.

This CD will attract a large audience, because the music of Rahsaan is very layered and soothing to the ear. (RJ)

Stand out tracks: Don't Run So Fast, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Loving You, You Make Life So Good, Seperate, Let's Straighten It Out, The One For Me, The Best, So Hot

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Tim Dillinger - Love Is On My Mind Title: Love Is On My Mind
Artist: Tim Dillinger
Label: Icon's Pen Media
Year: 2004
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Tim Dillinger has delivered a lovely debut album with "Love Is On My Mind". The opening track is a tribute to gospel. The album however is a mix between RnB and soul music with a stronger accent on the latter. Especially the ballads are very sweet to the ear. A good example of that is "Just Doesn't Matter At All".

Something to appreciate as well is when an artist wears his heart on his sleeves as Tim does in "In Your Arms". Another beautiful track is "Suddenly(Love Is On My Mind)"-the title track- with that lovely intro and a nice rap contribution by Just One. Remarkable is also "A Tone Poem".(TA)

Stand out tracks: Can't Help But Say, Just Doesn't Matter, Suddenly(Love Is On My Mind), In Your Arms

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Eric Roberson - The Vault 1.5 Title: Presents: The Vault, Vol. 1.5
Artist: Eric Roberson
Label: Steel Petal
Year: 2004
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On The Vault Vol.1.5 you'll find the following tracks that also can be found on The Vault 1.0: "Couldn't Hear Me", "Past Paradise", "Rock With You" and "Please Don't Leave Me". Besides these tracks there are 8 new songs on The Vault Vol.1.5

It's good that Eric Roberson has included the 4 previously released songs on his latest album because they really give you a full impression of Eric's creativity and diversity.

In "Couldn't Hear Me" you'll hear Eric Roberson's capability to fully express his emotions within the composition. "She Ought To Know"is another lovely track with beautiful melody lines backed by a pulsating heartbeat that reminds you to keep breathing while you're listening to this wonderful song. "Right Back To You" gives you an old school feel with an intro that's very familiar to the ears. Eric Roberson is creative and has surrounded himself with a artists who like to create as well.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Couldn't Hear Me, Right Back To you, Lil'Money, She Ought To Know and Find A Way.

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Joe - And Then... Title: And Then...
Artist: Joe
Label: BMG
Year: 2004
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And then there was Joe's fifth album. Don't expect exciting new things from Joe. He does still what he's always done, except this time much better than on his previous CD "Better Days".

This edition contains 2 bonus tracks, so that makes a total of 15 tracks on this album. The cover claims that track 1 is Ride Wit U when it is actually Sweeter Than Sugar. All of the songs are about either getting, keeping or losing the girl. But there is much diversity in tempo, so there are the ballads Joe is so famous for, but also some great up-tempo tracks.

Joe gets help from R. Kelly who penned the fantastic More & More and Make You My Baby. G-Unit
accompanies Joe on "Ride Wit U". Freeway is featuring on "I Remember". "Street Dreams" contains some lyrics of the Eurythmics hit "Sweet Dreams".

Another thing that has not changed either are Joe's fantastic vocal capabilities. He showcases that
once again on this album. It's all not very suprising but it is one of Joe's best CD's. (RJ)

Stand out tracks: More & More, Ride Wit U, Hey Mami, You Dropped Your Dime

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Mia Miata's Urban Arias Title: Urban Arias
Artist: Mia Miata
Label: Mia Melodic Publishing
Year: 2003
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Mia Miata's "Urban Arias" a title that makes you curious. An aria is a song sung by one person in an opera. On this album Mia Miata is that person. With her classicaly trained voice, she brings us a mixture of jazz and soul. The ingredients for her music are a punch of vibes, a dash of flutes, a cup of piano, a table spoon of saxophone, a teaspoon flamenco guitar and ofcourse the bass.

The main ingredient however is Mia Miata's voice. This instrument she's got from mother nature is very pleasant to listen to. Mia proves that it's worth to use your own creativity and not to copy from other artists no matter how good they are.

It's worth to mention the man who plays all the instruments on this album Kendall Leonard who has done a superb job. Mia Miata's Urbun Arias is an album you can play seven days a week and 24 hours a day without getting bored. It's timeless.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Jazzy Soul A La Mode, Pulse To The World, Urban Aria, Manchild, Be U, Fire Sign

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Joe - And Then... Title: Van Hunt
Artist: Van Hunt
Label: Capitol
Year: 2003
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Van Hunt is blues, soul, rock and roll. He's a gifted musician, a singer and songwriter. His self entitled debut album is filled with beautiful and meaningful lyrics woven in great compositions. When listening to this album you'll immediately recognise his gifts as a composer with great musicality.

Somehow this young fellow will remind you of the young Prince, but also of Sly and The Family Stone and The Isley Brothers. His music is full of energy whether it's a ballad he sings or an uptempo groove he spins. You really have to listen how he puts the snippets of music together to complete a song. The album is accessible for a large universal audience. Van Hunt wrote all the songs on the album himself and not many an artist can do this without giving in on quality.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Seconds Of Pleasure, Dust, Hello Goodbye, Down Here In Hell, Anything, Who Will Love

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

The No. 1's - Diana Ross & The Supremes Title: The No. 1's
Artist: Diana Ross & The Supremes
Label: Motown UTVRecords
Year: 2004
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After The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis, Diana Ross and The Supremes come up with a collection of their No 1's.

This compilation has all those classic Supremes songs such as Stop In The Name Of Love, Baby Love and You can't hurry love. Diana Ross went solo and scored some great No 1's such as The Boss, Upside Down and Theme From Mahogany.

The booklet mentions some more NO 1's that are not included in the package, like Diana Ross' "I'm still waiting", pity, but at least it leaves room for a sequel.

The remix of "You Keep Me Hangin' On", which is new, is the only song that did not get to number one, and it is not likely that the remix will ever top the charts. Some songs are good enough as it is. But for die hard fans, who own the other songs allready, may be attracted to the remix. For people that do not have any Supreme records in their collection this CD is a good start.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: Reflections, Touch Me In The Morning, Someday We'll Be Together, Stoned Love

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Rollin' - The Braxton Brothers Title: Rollin'
Artist: The Braxton Brothers
Label: Peak Records
Year: 2004
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As soon as you hear the first notes of Rollin' you don't want Nelson and Wayne Braxton to stop playing; Don't stop guys, keep Rollin'.

Rollin' is the latest album from the Braxton Brothers containing 11 tracks including 2 with vocals by by Jamie Hawkins on "It's You" and by Martin Luther on "Love Is Crazy". Whereas Wayne Braxton is a master on saxophone his twinbrother Nelson is his equivalent on guitar. They use their musical skills-writing, composing, and drum programming- to take us to a higher level.

"Blue Sands" is a swinging funky track that will even make the lazybones among us move their body. The interlude to this track or as you like the outro of "It's You" is pure latin jazz. This makes you suspect that the Braxton Brothers have a wider approach to music which you can also hear when they tease us with snippets of ragtime.

"When You Touch Me" is another funky and groovy track that will make your pulse beat stronger while in "Tonight" Wayne's voice will satisfy the curiousity of people who always wonder if a instrumentalist can sing as well.

Rollin' is an album with an excellent mixture of different grooves.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Don't Stop, Blue Sands, When You Touch Me, Tonight, Best Days

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Motown 1's - Various Artists Title: Motown 1's
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Motown UTVRecords
Year: 2004
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Another Motown compilation. There have been so many. This one contains only number 1 hits. From the 60's till the 90's. Boyz II Men's I'll Make Love To You is the most recent one. There is also a bonus track that was not a number 1. Michael McDonald's version of the Ashford and Simpson song "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", which would not have been bad if it had been left out of this CD.

The best tracks of this CD were made in the 60's; The Temptations, Supremes, Martha and the Vandella's, Four Tops are just some artists that had number 1's in that era. The 70's brought us The Miracles, Thelma Houston and the Commodores. There are only two songs from the 80's and one song from the 90's. Which goes to show that Motown was bigger and stronger in the 60's and 70's Motown in the early days had much tighter production than today.

This CD is full of songs that have influenced today's artists and is a pleasure to play.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: Whats Going On - Marvin Gaye, Reach Out, I'll Be There - Four Tops, (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave - Martha & The Vandellas, Dont Leave Me This Way - Thelma Houston, Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes, Uptight (Everythings Alright) - Stevie Wonder

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

Ascendant - Where You Are Now Title: Where You Are Now
Artist: Ascendant
Label: Darkest Shade Music
Year: 2003
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Ascendant is an enthusiastic group of musicians who keep the faith alive and motivate the listener to reach for a better live and not to give up. Founding members of the band are Kael Mboya, Aleata Holloway and Michael Lockett.

The title of their debut album is "Where You Are Now". The first track on the album "Power" will bring you immediately in a mood to celebrate and dance. The overall feel of the album is kind of funky with a gospel undertone, however "Give It Up" is a gospel-reggae song which tells us that's never too late for a change of mentality.

The lyrics of the Ascendant songs really make sense and make us consider our position in today's world. Besides realistic lyrics Ascendant brings some beautiful love songs too as in "10-D". Aleata's bass and bass hooks are awesome in "Where You Are Now".(TA)

Stand out tracks: Power, Ilusions, Where You Are Now, 10-D

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

You Gave Me Freedom - Rosie Gaines Title: You Gave Me Freedom
Artist: Rosie Gaines
Label: Dome
Year: 2004
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On Rosie Gaines' new album "You Gave Me Freedom", Rosie is gaining full control of her musical aspirations. She produced the complete album and wrote almost all of the songs herself.

"You Gave Me Freedom" is a mixture of R&B and solid soul. In the first 4 tracks it seems like Rosie is fighting her way through the past to a bright and soulful future. "Give It To Me" is a fantastic track to dance to. The up-tempo "Run To My Heart" will convince you that Rosie is alive and kicking.

The really soulful side of Rosie can be explored from the second half of this album. Her voice, the melodies, the lyrics are all such soulful ingredients which she melts into beautiful compositions, like on Honeychild.

On the closing track "You Are My Friend" Rosie expresses her new gained freedom with a reggae-gospel feel.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Give It To Me, Run To My Heart, It's Been A Long Time, Honeychild, So In Love With You

© 2004, SaveOurSoul