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2003 | Reviews


He's A Millionaire - Gavin Gregory Title: He's A Millionaire
Artist: Gavin Gregory
Label: D
Year: 2003
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Only 5 songs on this EP by Gavin Gregory. All five tracks have hit potential. No fillers on this EP. $$$... On Ya Finger is the opener and you can hear the soulful voice that Gavin has. $$$... On Ya Finger is not about bling bling as the title may suggest, but about a symbol of committment in a relationship.

BabySista is about domestical abuse. Great song, with a message. Gavin also sings a good love song Over And Over (Again) is sure to put you in a right mood.

All songs have been written and composed by Gavin together with Chuckey Charles except for BabySista which was written by Gavin and Don Dodds.

Gavin does all vocals on this EP. If you listen to the songs you would think there were other backing vocals, but Gavin's vocal range is very wide. From very high to dark low. Gavin will release a full lenght album soon.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: BabySista, He's A Millionaire, Edge Of The Bed, $$$...On Ya Finger, Over And Over

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Paradise II Paranoia - Para:Diso Title: Paradise II Paranoia
Artist: Para:Diso
Label: Dome
Year: 2004
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Para:Diso is the name Bluey and DJ Vernon used to deliver us the Paradise II Paranoia album. This album was previously released in Japan(2001) and is now (2004) available in the Uk and Europe. Bluey-Jean Paul Maunick is the man we know from Igcognito while DJ Vernon is his son, Daniel.

Paradise II Paranoia contains different styles and influences. Listening to Niki King in Right Is Right you'll hear a soulful groove. When you play Let Yourself Go featuring Tommy Blaize you'll find yourself clubbing while the Eden track will get you in a Brasilian mood with the sweet samba groove. Ain't it the aboriginals who invented the rainpipe? Anyhow Sweet Rain will take you to the forest.

Paradise II Paranoia covers a large spectrum of sounds with the emphasis on clubbing sounds. But even in between clubbing you might find a soulful or funky groove that gets you going.(TA)

Stand out tracks: All About You, Eden, Right Is Right, Snowblind

© 2004, SaveOurSoul

That's How We're Livin' - Sat-R-Day Title: That's How We're Livin'
Artist: Sat-R-Day
Label: Zyx Music
Year: 2003
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Three years after their debut CD "The Weekend Is For You" Sat-R-Day release their second CD "That's How We're Livin'" in a new line up. Like other dutch acts such as Tasha's World and Flip Da Scrip, Sat-R-Day are huge in other countries. Where as they are not as recognized in their own country. Maybe this CD will chance that.

This CD contains 13 tracks, including the singles Don't Go and The Rules. Besides these songs there are more cuts that have hit potential. Hot Shot and Freakness are just some of the top tracks. Sat-R-Day have a lot of up tempo songs on this album, most of them have a little rap. Although you sometimes wonder what the added value of the rap is. Their vocals, harmonies and tight production on the album do not necessarily require raps.

When you like acts such as Next and Dru Hill you sure will like this album a lot. Sat-R-Day do have their own style. The cover of the Bill Withers classic "Lovely Day" gets the Sat-R-Day treatment, so do not expect a copy of Bill's version.

There are a lot of guests on the album, among others Coolio and J. Colin. On the title track the boys from Sat-R-Day get help from Naomi. If this CD reflects how they are livin', life must be good for Sat-R-Day and getting better.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: That's How We'Re Livin, The Rules, Don't Go (featuring Coolio), Freakness, Hot Shot

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Soul Sophisticated - Various Artists Title: Soul Sophisticated
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Compendia
Year: 2004
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Get to know Maysa, Kloud9, Karen Bernod, Laurnea, Carmen Rodgers and Nadir. If you don't know them you'll lose a good thing. So look out for the album "Soul Sophisticated" which will be in stores January 2004! At least if you want to get acquaintance with what is called underground soul. But for how long will it be underground?

These artists proof that with ordinary words, which we've all learnt at school, it's still possible to write beautiful songs. They also proof that music doesn't necessarily have to be loud to enjoy it. Most of all they'll convince you that they are more than worth to be heard.

You might already know that Kloud9 and Karen Bernod stand for soul with a capital "S", but get to know the soulful voices of Nadir and Maysa as well as the tender and sensual interpretations of Laurnea and the warm and convincing vocals of Carmen Rodgers.

O, yeah, it feels so good to listen to "Soul Sophisticated".(TA).

Stand out tracks: Friendly Pressure, If You Ever, Runaway, Pray, Soulmate

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Journey Into Day - Seek Title: Journey Into Day
Artist: Seek
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2003
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Seek and you'll find "Journey into day" an album that'll put your mind at ease. The smooth jazzy and soulful grooves with a tinge of latin percussion sound pure and natural.

The vocals of songstress Lisa Terry will somehow remind you of Sade, Denice Williams and
Randy Crawford at their best.

Journey into day is an album to listen to at moments that you've time for yourself, because
the lyrics fully require one's attention.

What also will grab your attention is the vibrant percussion of Tina Howard. The beautiful arrangements-Talk about it- make this album very pleasant to listen to.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Talk About It, Taken, Loving Heart, Journey Into Day

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

My Soul - Maria Title: My Soul
Artist: Maria
Label: Dreamworks
Year: 2003
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Dreamworks releases the debut CD from Denmark native Maria. My Soul grabs your attention immediately, from the first sounds of track 1 "Lonely". A song that brings Tasmin Archer's Sleeping Sattelite to your mind. A great opener, with beautiful violins. Track 2 which happens to be the first single "I Give, You Take" has some good use of guitars in it. This mid tempo song is a good introduction to Maria.

Maria who ,along with Soulshock, is executive producer on this album, likes to make use of different sounds. Which makes My Soul a very exciting CD to listen to. Weakness for example contains a sample of "Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano" which is a classical piece, that blends perfectly with Maria's soulful sound.

Maria's voice kinda reminds you of Aaliyah meets Gwen Dickey (former singer of Rose Royce). Maria's music can not be catagorized that easily. Soul music with pop, rock, classical and symphonic influences in other words Maria's Soul.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: You Me And She, Nowadays, My Soul, Lonely, I Give You Take

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Comin' From Where I'm From - Anthony Hamilton Title: Comin' From Where I'm From
Artist: Anthony Hamilton
Label: Arista
Year: 2003
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"Comin' From Where I'm From" that's Anthony Hamilton's first official release. Coming from the country side, Anthony has worked his way through the city to deliver this melodious album.

When you listen to Anthony you'll hear music that might remind you of Dobbie Gray, Buddy Miles and Sly and the Family Stone. The track "Lucille" feels like a Paul Simon resurrection with a blend of Michael Jacksons' "Human Nature".

Another track "Chyna Black" has a rock approach while "I Tried" immediately takes you to church. As you see Anthony Hamilton is a singer with a broad approach to music and not a typical soul singer. But he's got soul, especially when he sings "My First Love" with LaToiya Williams or when he breaks it down to you in "I'm A Mess"(TA)

Stand out tracks: Lucille, My First Love, I'm A Mess, Float

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Emotions - Will Downing Title: Emotions
Artist: Will Downing
Label: Verve
Year: 2003
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Will Downing shares precious feelings with you on "Emotions". His baritone voice is in optima forma on this romantic album.

The songs are soulful ballads sometimes a bit jazzy with a lovely touch of guitar, saxophone and keyboards. Will's warm voice however is the best instrument with his wide vocal range.

This album is good company for the mature lover. You and your lover drinking wine late at night, holding hands, whispering sweet words while Will fills the room with music. After awhile your heading for the bed room. Next morning you'll wake up on a beach in Rio listening to "Beautiful To Me". This album combines the beautiful elements of nature with human feelings happy or sad.(TA)

Stand out tracks: A Million Ways, Rhythm Of U & Me, Beautiful To Me, Riding On A Cloud

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

I Can't Stop - Al Green Title: I Can't Stop
Artist: Al Green
Label: Blue Note
Year: 2003
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Soul veteran Al Green can't stop making music. His new album produced by veteran producer Willie Mitchel is called "I Can't Stop" Those who expected a brand new Al Green might be disappointed by this album.

Al Green continues where he once stopped to become a reverend. His voice is still perfectly in shape when he shouts it out in the track called "Rainin' In My Heart"

Besides soul music Al Green brings us some bluess as well. There is some lovely organ and guitar playing on the album too. In the end Al Green and Willie Mitchell have succeeded to make a good album, with some lovely tracks. The die hard fans will surely like it.(TA)

Stand out tracks: I Can't Stop, Rainin' In My Heart, I'd Still Choose You

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Dennis Taylor - In The Mood Title: In The Mood
Artist: Dennis Taylor
Label: Dome Records
Year: 2003
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Dennis Taylor gets you in the mood with 12 classic soul cuts on his third album "In The Mood". Produced by Fred McFarlane and Darryl Jones, who both co-wrote most of the songs on the album.

"In The Mood" contains pure soul music that sounds so familiar and oh so good. The intro of "You Said" reminds you somewhat of Jazzhole's "N'Dolo". "Better Days" has a little dash of Stevie Wonder's "Ghetto Paradise" in it. Yet both songs are original. It is sometimes more the same feeling that songs have. "Want" the song penned by Rashaan Patterson is just one of the many highlights on "In The Mood"

The voice of Dennis is a very unique one. It has a lot of warmth in it. Wincey Terry does most backing vocals on the album, but is also featuring in the closing track "Am I Dreaming", which does not go by unnoticed.

Dennis Taylor sure get's you into many moods on this CD.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: At The Place, Want, Can't Stop Lovin' You, Better Days, You Said

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Don't Sleep....Just Dream... - Jarrard Anthony Title: Don't Sleep....Just Dream...
Artist: Jarrard Anthony
Label: DoubleOProductions
Year: 2003
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Jarrard Anthony is a singer/songwriter from Richmond(Va). His deep, warm and sensual voice will keep you awake as you listen to his debut album Don't Sleep....Just Dream... Anthony uses the advantage of being a songwriter and singer to put all his emotions harmoniously together on this soulful album.

Most of the songs are ballads, on which you can dance very intimate, but on "What's Going Down" you surely will shake your booty and get down.

Anthony Jarrard really knows how to give each song the right touch. If you feel like romance you've to give "Don't Sleep.... Just Dream..." a chance.(TA)

Stand out tracks: Sweet Memories, What's Going Down, So D-Vine, Lovesick, Don't Ever

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Blackstar - YahZarah Title: Blackstar
Artist: YahZarah
Label: Three Keys Music
Year: 2003
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YahZarah stands for "Queen mother is the Brightest Star" as she explains in the opening track "Yah intro" of her second offering Black Star. Born as Dana Williams, YahZarah offers 16 cuts on this album of which 8 also have been featured on her first album Hear Me, but if this is your introduction to YahZarah it is certainly a good thing. Songs like Feel Me, Nova, Friday, Blackstar and Baby Love are some of the highlights on this in overall good CD.

Most songs have been written/co-written by YahZarah herself except for One Day and Baby Love. When you listen to the CD, you cannot help thinking of Erykah Badu but maybe the fact that YahZarah used to be one of Erykah Badu's backup singers has something to do with that. There is definitley some of Erykah's influence found in her music but YahZarah is certainly no copy of Erykah but a good female singer in her own right.

The first part of the Blackstar is good. Songs like One Day and Wishing, the first single, are very radio friendly. The second part of the CD is even better. Tracks like Bury It and the rocking Baby Love are much more exciting to listen to.

Blackstar is certainly worth getting. YahZarah is vocally and musically gifted and she could be, no will be, a bright star.(RJ)

Stand out tracks: Bury It, Blackstar, Baby Love, Cry

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Enter My Mind - Marlon Saunders Title: Enter My Mind
Artist: Marlon Saunders
Label: Black Honey
Year: 2003
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Enter My Mind is the first solo album of Marlon Saunders. I first heard Marlon singing in Jazzhole and his voice immediately entered my soul.

On Enter My Mind we can fully enjoy Marlon's musical skills as a singer/songwriter, composer and producer. Depending on the song he sings you'll keep quiet, you'll be dancing or you'll sing along.

On this album you'll find the magic that one is always looking for in music but which is only given to a few. Marlon creatively combines elements of soul, funk and jazz in an exciting and refreshing style on this beautiful album.

If you like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield and Blood Sweat & Tears, in other words artists that have innovated music ,I'll bet you like Marlon Saunders as well. Just like them he renews music and keeps it interesting to listen to. (TA)

For every music lover there's a treasure to find on Enter My Mind. I've found mine in: For Love, Afro Blue My Mind, Coolin', Premonition and Keep doing what you do. Be sure to find yours!

© 2003, SaveOurSoul

Prince Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas Title: Live at the Aladdin Las Vegas
Artist: Prince
Label: NPG Records
Year: 2003
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Prince is fabulous! You'll agree with this statement of Prince himself, when you see his live performace at The Aladdin in Las Vegas. He's the master of Rock, Jazz, Blues, Soul and Funk. Prince accentuate this in songs like Whole Lotta Love, Strollin', Gotta Broken Heart Again and 1+1+1=3. And yes..three very talented special guests accompanied him.

The soulful Nikka Costa, the funk legend Maceo Parker and top female percussionist Sheila E. The musical skills of all these three is breathtaking. Together with his royal highness and N(ew) P(ower) G(eneration) they remind us that Music is Art. You would almost forget this when you see the cheap and mass produced videoclips passing through your music channels day by day.

My top favourites on the Prince Live at the Aladdin DVD are: 1+1+1=3, Family Name, Push And Pull, Pass The Peas, Whole Lotta Love, Strollin'/U Want Me and Gotta Broken Heart Again. In this song there is a wonderful transition between Prince's voice and the brass section.

This DVD also includes the wonderful Sometimes It Snows In April. I have enjoyed this live performance tremendously and so has Prince as you can definitely read from his face. He even encouraged the audience to pick up their mobile and call up anybody to listen to the show. The DVD comes with an extra bonus track and has a NPG add.(TA)

Get your copy now so you can sit in the front seat and watch this magnificent concert.

© 2003, SaveOurSoul